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Is this strain as fun & fruity as its name suggests? Find out in this article.

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It's pretty crazy what cannabis breeders can create these days. By tweaking certain features, these crazy scientists of cannabis can create a whole range of different strains, each with their own discernible and indulgent flavours. 

Certain guilty pleasures, such as Gelato, Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies are the inspiration behind some of these unique flavours. But for some, there aren't many treats better than getting stuck into a giant bag of candy. If you're one of those people, then this next strain might be right up your alley. Our guide to 2020's most popular strains continues with the Zkittlez Strain.

Zkittlez is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created by 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz. It is a cross between two fruity strains in Grape Ape and Grapefruit, with these genetics contributing heavily to Zkittlez aroma and flavour. These features are the inspiration behind the name, originally being called Skittles, but it has undergone a slight name change to avoid any copyright infringements.

Zkittlez is well-known for being a fun and fruity strain, with strong indica effects balanced by subtle yet noticeable sativa effects. The end result is a smooth and enjoyable high that is thought to be milder than most other popular hybrid strains. Zkittlez is highly regarded in the cannabis community, winning 1st Place at the 2016 Emerald Cup and coming first in the Best Indica category at the San Francisco and Michigan High Times Cannabis Cups in 2015.


Zkittlez' THC content ranges between 16-21% THC with an average of 18.5%. This is close to the same THC content you'll find in the average hybrid strain (approx 18.3%). While this is still potent, Zkittlez effects are thought to be milder than the ones you would encounter with other hybrids.

While this strain should be suitable for novice consumers, caution is still advised due to the THC levels. No relevant amounts of CBD are found within this strain.

Zkittlez' high commences quickly after consumption, with subtle effects that are focused mainly in the head. There is the potential of feeling a buildup of pressure around the eyes or the temples but this will begin to dissipate as the high progresses. 

The first cerebral effect that manifests is a change in sensory perception, with visual and auditory distortions being commonly reported by consumers. Throughout the duration of the high, time may feel like it's passing much more slowly than before. While this may sound disorienting, it can enhance certain aspects of your setting and improve experiences such as listening to music or watching TV.

This heightening of senses is then followed by an uptick in cerebral activity. Thoughts can flow more freely and external stimuli may seem more interesting than before. This strain can also provide an increase in focus, motivation and mood,  allowing the consumer to complete detailed or complicated tasks without feeling too sluggish. 

As these cerebral effects begin to wear off, Zkittlez physically relaxing indica effects become more distinguished. While there is little sedation at this stage, the motivation and focus that were present beforehand can start to dwindle, rendering the consumer couchlocked. Due to this slow dip in energy levels, Zkittlez is mainly recommended for consumption in the afternoon or early evening. 

For medical cannabis consumers, Zkittlez can have a few different applications. In terms of physical effects, the relaxation that Zkittlez provides can relieve pain, whether minor or chronic. This strain is also a potent stimulator of appetite and can be helpful to patients who have lost theirs through disease (such as cancer or anorexia), medication or chemotherapy.

This strain's euphoric and uplifting effects are also useful in stress relief and can help patients who suffer from symptoms related to depression or PTSD. Due to its ability to stimulate introspective thinking during the early stages of its high, this strain is not recommended for those that suffer from anxiety or are prone to panic and paranoia. Those with ADD or ADHD can also utilise this strain for its ability to increase focus for a short period of time, while those who suffer from fatigue might find this strain's energising properties useful.

Appearance, Smell & Taste

Zkittlez has an appearance that is typical of indica plants, with a short stature and buds that are dense and tightly-packed. These buds reflect a spectrum of bright green colours that are accented by purple hues. High concentrations of a flavonoid known as anthocyanin are responsible for this purple colouring, being stimulated by cold temperatures during the growing phase. These buds are also coated by a layer of sticky trichomes, giving them a frosty appearance.

Properly cured buds of Zkittlez emit an aroma that isn't too dissimilar from the one that you'd encounter after opening up a bag of Skittles. There is a strong scent of candied fruit with berry and lemon notes being the most prominent. Some sweet herbal notes can also be detected. Grinding up or breaking apart these buds will uncover some skunky notes, contributing to a sweet and sour blend of scents. The major terpenes that contribute to this sweet and sour aromatic profile are caryophyllene (peppery), humulene (hoppy) and linalool (floral). 

The catchphrase of Skittles candy is 'Taste the rainbow', which can probably be applied to the Zkittlez strain as well. This strain produces a light and smooth smoke that has a vibrant mixture of tangy fruit flavours upon inhalation. The most noticeable fruity flavours that can be detected are typically grape, lemon and berry. This grape flavour, which Zkittlez inherited from its parent Grape Ape, will stick around long after exhalation as well. Grapefruit and other tropical fruits are other subtle flavours that can present, depending on the batch.


Zkittlez was originally the creation of a collaboration between 3rd Gen Family and Terp Hogz. 3rd Gen Family is a California-based seed company that serves as an umbrella for a group of breeders in the state who supply cannabis to a range of different collectives. Terp Hogz is another US-based seed bank that is well-known for creating and stocky other fruity strains, similar to Zkittlez.

Unfortunately, the seeds of this strain are not available online from either company. While other online vendors may stock Zkittlez, the quality and legitimacy of the strain can not be guaranteed. This is a highly-regarded boutique strain so it doesn't have a great amount of availability but can sometimes be found scattered throughout dispensaries in California and other West Coast states. If found, you're likely to pay around $50 AUD for 1/8 oz.

There are a few different variants and phenotypes of Zkittlez that are available on the market, all with their own unique fruity twist. These strains include Blue Zkittlez, Watermelon Zkittlez and Mandarin Zkittlez. If you're struggling to track any of these down, then some similar strains that you can check out include Purple Punch, Runtz, Gelato and Animal Cookies.

If you're a consumer looking to indulge in the childhood pleasure of eating a bag of candy while reaping all the benefits of cannabis, look no further than the Zkittlez strain. This strain is yet another example of the crazy breeding occurring on the West Coast of the US that results in the creation of all these new and flavourful strains. Zkittlez flavour, aroma and enjoyable effects combined with the quality that is customary of Californian boutique strains will ensure that this strain continues to grow in popularity in 2020 and beyond.


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