Zelira Partners with SprinJene® to Launch CBD Toothpaste in United States.

Zelira's first Over-the-Counter (OTC) formulation provides access to the rapidly expanding
market for hemp-derived CBD products.

Zelira Therapeutics Ltd (ASX: ZLD, OTCQB: ZLDAF), in partnership with SprinJene®, a leader in natural oral care products, is pleased to announce the launch of its proprietary CBD toothpaste in the United States of America (USA).

The CBD toothpaste is a proprietary formulation developed by Zelira and SprinJene's® CEO and Founder Dr Sayed Ibrahim. The product is the first of several scientifically formulated, hemp-derived, oral care products containing cannabinoids, including broad-spectrum CBD, that will be created and launched under the Zelira Oral Care subsidiary that has partnered with the SprinJene® brand as announced in September (www.zeliraoralcare.com).

Research shows that incorporating CBD into oral/dental care results in health benefits
including naturally eliminating decay-causing bacteria, reducing gum inflammation,
restoring pH balance and increasing remineralisation, reducing bone loss associated
with gum disease, and helping to improve overall health. The Zelira-SprinJene® CBD
Toothpaste uses broad-spectrum, THC-free CBD distillate derived from hemp. This
provides Zelira-SprinJene® users with the full benefits of a wide array of cannabinoids,
with no psychoactive effects.
The Zelira-SprinJene® CBD product will be distributed in the USA through SprinJene's®
existing distribution channels including retail stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond,
Central Market, Sprouts, Lassen's, Haggens, and VitaCos and e-commerce platforms
such as Amazon. Discussions are ongoing to access SprinJene's® global distribution
networks in France, Russia, UK, Singapore, Ukraine, China, Morocco, United Arab
Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Sudan Shoprite.

The SprinJene® brand is built on harnessing the power of natural ingredients to protect and improve our oral health, and CBD with its inherent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and homeostatic properties are shown to be powerful tools in that fightSprinJene Ceo, Dr. Syed Ibrahim

"Research is showing
that cannabinoids will be a major part of the future of oral1-3 and Zelira was the perfect partner for
SprinJene® to set the industry standard in broad spectrum, hemp-derived oral care formulations."

"SprinJene® was an early adopter of nature-based oral care, and they are continuing to innovate now by recognising the effectiveness of CBD and other cannabinoids in improving our head-to-toe health," says Dr Oludare Odumosu, Zelira's CEO & Managing Director (USA) "Zelira is thrilled to enter the national oral care market alongside a company that values the harmony of nature and science as much as we do."

To learn more about Zeliria visit the company HQ here.

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