Zelira Partners With Emerald Clinics For Opioid Trial

Zelira Therapeutics and Emerald Clinics will be entering a research agreement to assist in Zelira's Opioid trials.

Zelira Therapeutics (ASX:ZLD) has announced it will be entering into a Clinical Trial Research Agreement with Emerald Clinics Limited (ASX:EMD) in order to accelerate the completion of Zelira's opioid trials.

Zelira's Opioid trial is entitled "A study to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of a medicinal cannabinoid oil formulation in chronic non-cancer pain participants on long term opioid treatments (Trial ID: ACTRN12619001013156)"

On the collaboration, Emerald Clinics Managing Director and CEO Dr. Michael Winlo said: "We are pleased to be working with Zelira, who are investing in the rigorous, product-specific clinical studies required to bring cannabinoid-based medical products into the mainstream where appropriate. Undertaking this trial validates our model of co-creating evidence with our patients while providing high-quality care."

We are excited to be building upon the collaboration announced in 2019 and look forward to leveraging Real World Evidence (RWE) and traditional clinical trials to support Zelira's strategy and ultimately improve the health and wellbeing of our patients Dr. Michael Winlo, Emerald Clinics Managing Director and CEO

Zelira's Managing Director, Dr Richard Hopkins also commented on the trials, saying that "Zelira are delighted to have achieved full enrolment, which represents a major milestone for the trial. We're also pleased for the opportunity to expand our partnership with Emerald Clinics by bringing them on as a second site. We have been impressed by their ability to complement the efforts of the St Vincent team by rapidly screening and enrolling eligible patients into trial. To our knowledge, this is the first clinical trial to be designed with a primary end-point assessing the efficacy of a full spectrum plant-derived cannabis formulation containing THC and CBD to reduce opioid dependence in chronic non-cancer patients."

If successful, the outcome of these trials will likely have immediate impact in major global markets where opioid overuse and addiction is a major problem. Dr Richard Hopkins, Zelira's Managing Director

To learn more about Zelira Therapeutics, visit their company HQ here.

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