Xzibit Has Started A Weed Company Called Napalm Cannabis

The critically acclaimed rap star and actor has started his own cannabis company called Napalm Cannabis Co.

Hip Hop music and cannabis are a combination that mix together like wine and cheese. The two go hand in hand when it comes to lifestyle and culture, but are they similar in business?

Many rappers and celebrities alike have thrown their hat into the ring of cannabis business, including Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogan, and Wiz Khalifa. It can be exhausting trying to keep up with the vast amount of celebs that are entering into the cannabis industry, however, one celeb that has sparked interest from cannabis connoisseurs lately is rapper and actor Xzibit.

Xzibit is a hip hop artist and actor, from the hit MTV show, Pimp My Ride, and has featured in blockbuster movies such as 8 mile and Gridiron Gang. His works also include his hit albums, Restless, and Man Vs. Machine. The critically acclaimed rap star and actor has expanded his portfolio, endeavoring into the cannabis business and creating his own brand called Napalm Cannabis Co.

Napalm Cannabis Co.

Napalm is a cannabis company that specialises in creating quality, rigorously tested cannabis products that include vaporizers and pre-rolled joints. Although, these pre-rolls aren't your everyday average joint. They are packed with 7 grams of premium cannabis, 1 gram of live resin, and rolled in a resin-unfused XXL paper with a glass tip, designed to give the consumer more bang for their buck.

In contrast to other celebrities entering into the cannabis industry to merely be a face for their brands, Xzibit includes himself in nearly every part of the business. He is at the forefront of decision making and is involved in every step of the creative process. Xzibit said in an interview with Forbes, "we are committed to excellence and look forward to creating innovative products to share with our cannabis community." The rap star has even gone as far as stating that he will personally deliver his products to dispensaries on special occasions.

Although Napalm cannabis has gained success in the industry, the famed hip hop star and actor didn't get there overnight. Before starting Napalm, Xzibit was formerly involved with a cannabis edibles brand called LOL Taffy. From there he co-founded the multi-million dollar company, Brass Knuckles, which specialised in vape products. Unfortunately, these companies didn't end up turning out what Xzibit hoped for, but these ventures were a huge learning experience for the rapper turned entrepreneur. The Napalm vaporizer, which drew its name from an Xzibit hit album, was a top-selling Brass Knuckles product. This would go on to inspire the name of his now successful brand.

Napalm Cannabis products can be found in dispensaries across California, including major cities, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento. To strengthen his brand, Xzibit tapped into the knowledge of experts. He has collaborated with major cannabis moguls Berner, owner and founder of cannabis company, Cookies, and B-Real, Cypress Hill rapper, and founder of the Dr Green Thumb dispensaries. Many of Napalm's novelty-sized pre-rolled joints consist of strains created by these two moguls ranging from Cookies, to various types of kush. You could say they pimped his joints.

Helping out the community

In addition to providing cannabis consumers with premium products, Xzibit also prioritises social justice and helping out the community.

The hip hop star and entrepreneur has teamed up with social equity company, Greenwood Distribution, in hopes to provide people with a means of income and an opportunity for work. Not only is the company aiming to increase jobs, but Xzibit also plans to dedicate part of the company's proceeds to army veterans.

"My father was a marine and recently passed away, so I'd love to be able to build something in is honor, and use Napalm as a way to give back to our veterans." Xzibit, Forbes Magazine

While others have proven cannabis companies can help the economy, and to make themselves rich, Xzibit has made it apparent that cannabis companies can also be a great contributor to society. In the future with more legalisation, cannabis companies such as Napalm Cannabis can aid in financing educational institutes, lowering the national debt, and increase tax revenue. You could say they could pimp our lives.

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