Who Are The Strain Hunters?

The purveyors of original landrace cannabis strains.

The story of the strain hunters is one for the ages. This group of gentlemen led by Arjan Roskam is more adventurous than Bear Grills, and go through extraordinary lengths to locate and procure rare and original landrace cannabis strains. The group has gone on dangerous expeditions across the globe; they've gone through the Taliban in Afghanistan to the FARC in Colombia, as well as Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean.

One might think that risking your life in order to track down various types of cannabis is downright ludicrous, but Arjan and his team clearly disagree. These guys do it for their passion and love for cannabis, as well as attempting to keep these rare and endangered cannabis strains alive.

"Our strain hunting team has nearly been killed in Malawi by drunken soldiers, we lost a cameraman in South Africa, who we found a day later in the bush," said Arjan Roskam in an interview in Dope Magazine.

The Making of Strain Hunters

In 1982 Arjan Roskam was a young man backpacking around the world. While holidaying in Thailand, Arjan went hiking through the mountains with no particular goal in mind. He stumbled upon an old village and met a man who offered him a place to sleep. Unbeknownst to Arjan, meeting that man was a catalyst for springing him into the world of strain hunting.

 "I basically started working with marijuana because of that man"Arjan Roskam, Interview from Dope Magazine

The gentleman that Arjan met was treating people who had become addicted to opiates. However, instead of traditional medicine, the man was using marijuana.

After a week-long stay in the village, Arjan learned a great deal about marijuana and its medicinal benefits. Upon leaving, he was given a handful of cannabis seeds. Arjan returned to his home in Amsterdam with a new sense of direction and a new found love for cannabis.

In the 1980's Holland had low-quality cannabis. It became Arjan's mission to find high-quality seeds and grow the best marijuana possible. He was given seeds from friends, then eventually he started going on precarious escapades.

These expeditions into dangerous territories developed into the foundation of Arjan Roskam's business. He and some associates went on to endeavor into several different cannabis businesses. They had a cannabis coffee shop, a couple of websites, and they won more than 40 cannabis cups with the strains that they had developed.

Subsequent to becoming a master grower and accomplished strain hunter, Arjan proclaimed himself as the "king of cannabis".

Where are Arjan Roskam and his Team now?

Today, Arjan and his team own at least 4 coffee shops, a prestigious seed bank, and a line of horticultural nutrient products. The team eventually started filming their strain hunting expeditions and started a docu-series called Strain Hunters. The series can be found on YouTube, HBO Plus, and Facebook.

Arjan Roskam is a cannabis pioneer who has not only developed incredible strains but also normalised marijuana culture. His company also makes many investments into the research and development of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The list of strains that Roskam and his team created include Super Silver Haze, Hawaiian Snow, and Super Lemon Haze. The list goes on.

His companies include Green House Coffeeshops, Green House Seed Company, Strain Hunters, Green House Feeding, Green House Kitchen, and GH Medical.

Arjan is considered one of the most influential figures in the cannabis industry. The GreenHouse empire has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

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