What is CBD Oil?

CBD is a newly popular substance in the modern world. It is hardly possible that you have not heard anything about it. The point is that as the substance is much spoken about, not everything is the truth. The attitude of society towards CBD varies from person to person. Some people are eager to novelty products, they are pumped to buy and try them. Some are extremely afraid of everything new and compare progress to the devil and pure evil. Some are in between those two categories (they are likely to be our readers), they want to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of CBD in order to decide whether it worth being in their lives.

CBD oil: where do people face it?

One of the crucial questions that people ask us often is what CBD oil is where you can apply the substance for everyday life. However, before it, you would always be asked how you have discovered the existence of the substance. In fact, today there exist a number of places where you can get acquainted with CBD full-spectrum oil before even knowing what CBD oil is.

Outdoor advertising. It is evidence that manufacturers are eager to promote their products and that is why billboards, posters, video ads, etc bear the bell. The top place on the list is also guaranteed to this type because not only CBD oil manufacturers advertise their products, but vape shops tend to put promotional deals for their assortment, for example, CBD Juul pod, dab pen, new flavour, CBD cartridge.

Vape shop. Any selling assistant is eager to help and to offer the best products they have (read: the most popular). As for today, we can include CBD pods, CBD vape cartridge, and CBD oil itself into the category of faster-moving items. In addition, such products usually figure prominently in the shop window.

Stylized cafes and pubs. It is a general tendency to create cafes and restaurants around a certain theme. Some businesspeople stylize their cafes as coffee shops, pet cafes, cafes for people with children, etc. However, hookah lounges are also popular. It becomes more and more often that these cafes offer to "try the best CBD vape cartridge" and this makes people try something new as well.

CBD: fact file

General notions. The full name of CBD that (probably) nobody, but scientists and doctors, knows about is Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is an element contained in marijuana. Most CBD oils are produced from either hemp or marijuana plants, depending on the type of oil. In fact, marijuana consists of more than eighty cannabinoids and other substances.

Popularity factor. The reason for CBD's popularity lies in the fact of being not sufficiently studied. It is true that scientists do not precisely know how this substance interacts with the human body. However, it was discovered that it has no addictive effect and thus might be used as medical marijuana for treating symptoms of severe diseases, for instance, epilepsy.

Legal "NOTs". Despite the statements that CBD can alleviate pain, reduce stress and anxiety, better sleep patterns, and have an anti-oxidant effect, there exist no real trustworthy evidence that it can be effective for diabetes, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, bipolar disorder, Parkinson disease, dystonia, Huntington disease, cancer, schizophrenia, or other diseases.

Legal "YESes".The only proven claim is that CBD can be used to ease some types of seizure disorders. In the USA, the US Food and Drug Administration (henceforth FDA) has approved the use of CBD oil for treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome – both are severe types of epilepsy.

Operating mechanism. Being a psychoactive element, CBD can affect the human brain. The process of this interaction still remains obscure. However, the assumption is that CBD prevents the brain from outthrow of chemicals that can have a negative impact on human mood, mental functions, and pain uprise. As the chemicals are not released into the blood, a person avoids negative emotions.

forms of existence. Apart from oil, CBD might have different modifications. However, talking exclusively about CBD oil, we have to mention that it also can be of a different type. Firstly, CBD oil isolate, which is widely used for the best CBD cartridges. The substance consists of a minimum (less than 1%) of other chemicals but Cannabidiol.

Secondly, CBD full-spectrum oil, which can contain a number of other cannabinoids. Such a substance is used when people want to broaden CBD oil's functions.

Dosage. As the substance has not been studied completely yet, it is difficult to say that there exists a definite dose for each person. The amount of the substance to be taken should be estimated individually. The general recommendation is to start with a small amount. For sure, it is better to consult the practitioner first.

CBD oil: instruction on application

Being popular with people, CBD possesses no instruction. The only directive is that it is better not to use the substance without a doctor's approval. However, in case you have some reasons for CBD application, you can find CBD oil in various forms of implementation.

Edibles. The culture of eating drugs is not new for humanity. Although the fact of the immense popularity of CBD gummies is amazing, not all of the people can imagine other edibles. In fact, you can add CBD oil almost everywhere: into a smoothie, a strawberry charlotte, an ice cream, whatever else.

Vaping. CBD vape pen cartridge is the item that is popular among vapers today. People use a special form of CBD oil just to have some relaxation at home. They enjoy volumes of vapour and convince themselves that it betters their productivity. In addition, students (because of the stereotype that CBD can improve productivity) are enthusiastic about CBD Juul pods.

Cosmetics. Various skincare cosmetics, lotions, shower gels, and similar stuff now contain CBD oil. The manufacturers rely on the theory that CBD can improve and soothe the skin. Such cosmetics are also believed to have a medicinal effect for people who suffer from problem skin or skin diseases.

In essence, CBD oil can be taken directly as drops. They recommend to put about 3-5 drops under your tongue and wait until it gets into your digestive system. The only problem that a consumer may face in this case is not a very pleasant taste of CBD oil.


Taking CBD oil is a risky step because you can never be sure what outcomes you are going to face. This does not mean that CBD is a dangerous threat to your health and life. The message is to be reasonable, rational, and considerate before reaching any decision. You have to think through the situation and consider all the pros and pros before stepping on the CBD path.

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