What Are the Best CBD Pre-Rolls to Buy in 2021?

Simple and convenient, CBD pre-rolls make it easy to enjoy the benefits of CBD-rich hemp flower. Learn how to pick the best CBD pre-rolls in 2021.

A CBD pre-roll is just like a joint but with less than 0.3% THC. With CBD pre-rolls, you can enjoy all the benefits of CBD-rich hemp flower without any hassle.

CBD pre-rolls vary widely in terms of quality and effectiveness, so it's important to learn how to separate the good hemp pre-rolls from the bad. Learn which factors make CBD pre-rolls desirable, and find out which hemp pre-rolls offer the best value and quality in 2021.

What are the best pre-rolls? 5 factors to consider

As you consider the various CBD pre-roll options at your disposal, here are five of the most important factors you should keep in mind:

1. Style

The term "CBD pre-roll" can apply to a wide variety of different CBD flower products. Some pre-rolls, for instance, look more like cigarettes, and they have filters.

If you're looking for a more authentic experience, you might want to choose a CBD pre-roll that looks more like a cannabis joint. These types of pre-rolls are also usually higher-quality.

2. Materials

You can use lots of different materials to roll CBD-rich hemp joints. Some brands might use papers, for instance, made from rice or even wood pulp.

With CBD pre-rolls, however, it's best to keep things in the hemp family. Hemp papers and crutches provide the mildest, cleanest smoking experience.

3. Cannabinoid content

Some companies jam a bunch of low-quality biomass into their pre-rolls and call it good. These types of lower-tier pre-rolls rarely contain more than 10% total CBD.

High-quality pre-rolls made with trimmed CBD buds, however, can contain more than 25% CBD. Factor cannabinoid content into the equation as you decide which CBD pre-rolls offer the best value and quality.

4. Terpenes

CBD pre-rolls with terpenes taste better, smell better, and offer better effects. Indoor-grown CBD flower is most likely to contain high concentrations of terpenes

Hemp pre-rolls made with trim, biomass, or other types of low-tier hemp material don't contain very many terpenes. Choose pre-rolls made with high-quality, indoor-grown flower for the most potent and enjoyable experience.

5. Flower quality

Outdoor-grown hemp flower is usually cheaper, but it's also lower-quality. Hemp that's grown outdoors contains fewer cannabinoids, and it might contain heavy metals, agrochemicals, and other contaminants.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is organic, indoor-grown hemp flower. Not only is this type of hemp flower clean, but it's also more potent.

What is the best CBD pre-roll brand?

Secret Nature pre-rolls contain indoor-grown, organic hemp flower that usually offers between 20-25% CBD. This brand's pre-rolls are made with 100% hemp products, and they always burn evenly.

Top 3 Secret Nature pre-rolls

Most Secret Nature pre-rolls have over 100 five-star reviews, but a handful have even more. These top-rated Secret Nature pre-roll products include:

Frosted Kush

Named for its incredibly frosty buds, this indica-dominant strain is even more delicious in pre-roll form. Like all Secret Nature pre-rolls, Frosted Kush is offered in 2-pack and 7-pack options.

Papaya Nights

With nearly 400 five-star reviews, Papaya Nights is a Secret Nature favorite. Papaya Nights pre-rolls taste like tropical fruit, and they contain 100% ground-up buds—no trim.

Secret OG

Born of a crossing between OG Kush and CBD-rich strains, Secret OG is an in-house strain that contains more than 20% total cannabinoids. This strain is earthy, minty, and entirely delicious.

Indulge in top-shelf CBD pre-rolls today

If you've never tried CBD flower before, pre-rolls are a low-investment option that introduces you to the impressive benefits of inhaled CBD. Even if you're a CBD flower expert, hemp pre-rolls are undeniably convenient.

Just remember that some CBD pre-rolls are better than others. Use the guidelines we've laid out, and choose a delicious pre-rolled smoke that unlocks the true potential of CBD.

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