Weight Loss: Ten of the Best CBD Oils

Can Cannabidiol, or CBD, help with weight loss? Read this article to find out.

CBD oil may have positive benefits for the relief of pain, anxiety, depression, epilepsy and acne, among others. However, can CBD oil help you lose weight? The truth is, no one knows for sure. Some studies indicate that CBD may aid weight loss by interacting with the CB2 receptors in the body.

These receptors are part of the endocannabinoid system, which has various cell receptors throughout the body. CB1 and CB2 receptors are both involved with metabolism. Taking CBD may influence these receptors, especially the CB2, and play a role in increasing the metabolic rate, modify the appetite mechanisms and promote a process called fat browning. Brown fat is associated with the burning of fat calories for body heat.

Losing Weight

There is no such thing as a magic formula to lose weight. You can't just sit around and eat a lot of high-calorie foods and expect to shed pounds. To lose weight, you must reduce your calories and increase your activity. It's not a hard concept to understand at all. However, it's very difficult to do. Losing weight also takes time. You must be patient. The excess poundage didn't appear overnight. It took some time to gain it, and it will take time to lose it. That said, there is nothing wrong with trying CBD to help you with weight loss as long as your physician approves it. Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight will tell you this: You'll need all the help you can get!

Choosing a CBD Product

When choosing a CBD oil product, make sure you read the label carefully. Look for the CO2 extraction process, which leaves no toxic residue in the final product. There should also be a COA, or Certificate of Analysis, preferably by a third-party lab. This will guarantee the potency and purity of the CBD oil. Also check to be sure the hemp from which the CBD is derived was grown in the United States, preferably organically.

Base CBD Oils

CBD oil is derived from the whole hemp plant. The highly concentrated, pure CBD oil is then diluted to the desired potency with carrier oils. The most common are plant oils like hemp and MCT. MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride. MCT is commonly derived from coconut oil, but other oils, such as palm, may be used. Hemp oil is derived from only the seeds of the hemp plant and contains very little CBD, if any at all. However, it makes an excellent carrier oil and oil base for CBD products. Hemp oil is highly nutritious. It contains protein, vitamins, magnesium and healthy fats.

MCT is a healthy, easily digested fat. It's also associated with weight loss. A study indicated that MCT increases the release of peptide YY and leptin, two hormones associated with feelings of satiety. Satiety it the signal that tells you when you're full and have had enough calories. It's not hard to see how this could aid in weight loss.

Top Ten CBD Oils

If you'd like to try CBD oil for weight loss, here is a curated list of products you can try.

Plus CBD Oil

Available in two sizes, 250 and 750 milligrams of total CBD, and two flavors, goji berry and peppermint, this product offers a lower-dose option for newbies and others needing smaller doses. It comes in a pump bottle, with four pumps of the dispenser top supplying 10 milligrams of CBD in the 250 milligrams size bottle.

Medterra CBD Oil

Medterra CBD oil is sourced from hemp grown in rich Kentucky soil. It's available in strengths of 500, 1000 and 3000 milligrams per bottle in an organic MCT base. Medterra also offers CBD tinctures. These tend to work faster than CBD oils and may help dieters who exercise a lot and may experience sore muscles from that.

Sabaidee CBD Oil

Sabaidee uses only organically-grown hemp. Offering three strengths for wider dosing needs, it has a coconut oil base and retains the terpenes and all the original CBD compounds. It's low in THC and comes in a pleasing peppermint flavor to freshen breath.

Royal CBD Oil

This full-spectrum oil is available in 500 milligram bottles in the flavors of berry, mint, vanilla and natural. It features extract of whole hemp for an increased level of entourage cannabinoids and terpenes.

FOCL Mint CBD Drops

This a great choice for CBD newbies. It comes in a 300 milligram bottle, which supplies 10 milligrams of CBD per dose. This lower dose allows you to determine the correct dose for you by allowing small dosage increases over time if necessary.

Lily CBD Daily Strength

At 16 milligrams per dose, Lily offers a good starting dose for use in weight loss. It's formulated with non-GMO MCT and organically-sourced hemp.

Sunsoil CBD Oil

Unlike the other products listed here, Sunsoil uses a lipid extraction process, which the company claims is a natural oil extraction process that preserves all the original CBD compounds. The product features an unflavored, organic MCT oil base.

Endoca Drops

This raw, unrefined CBD oil is available in medium and strong dosage strengths, which contain one and five milligrams per drop, respectively. It's broad-spectrum, THC-free and features enticing flavors like chocolate mint.

Charlotte's Web CBD Oil

This non-GMO, gluten-free, full-spectrum oil contains 60 milligrams of CBD per ml, or milliliter. This is a potent product supplied in lemon twist, orange blossom and mint chocolate flavors . This is a better choice than this brand's 17 milligram per ml product, which uses the ethanol extraction method.

Fab CBD Oil

This full-spectrum oil retains all the original CBD compounds and comes in three strengths, which are 300, 600, 1200 and 2400 milligrams of total CBD. The oil base contains MCT, which may increase the absorption of CBD by the body. This organically-grown hemp product is supplied in berry, mint, vanilla and natural flavors.

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