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Is the Wedding Cake strain as sweet as it sounds? Find out in this article.

We note that the subject contained in this article represents illegal activity in certain jurisdictions. Whilst we do not condone any acts which are contrary to any such laws, we understand that readers in those jurisdictions which have decriminalised cannabis may find this article of interest.

With the science behind cannabis and its effects continually evolving, more strains of cannabis are available on the market than ever before. Whether for recreational or medical use, new strains are constantly in development to deliver a certain type of experience or to maximise the therapeutic effects of the plant. Our guide to the upcoming year's most popular strains continues with the Wedding Cake Strain.

The Wedding Cake strain, also known as Pink Cookies, is an indica-leaning hybrid strain (a mixture of indica and sativa) created by Seed Junky Genetics. While some sites report it as a cross between the Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strains, the breeders at Seed Junky Genetics have stated that it is actually a rare phenotype of the Triangle Mints strain. This strain was created when the breeders crossed a mother Triangle Kush plant with Animal Mints pollen. 

The Wedding Cake strain is an absolute THC powerhouse and as such, it is not recommended for cannabis-consuming novices. Even more experienced users should approach this strain with caution. This strain is becoming increasingly popular due to its potent, yet well-rounded effects which are incorporated into its recreational and medical applications.


The THC content of the Wedding Cake strain is approximately 21.5%. This strain ranges from 17% on the lower end to a staggering 25% on the higher end, which is considered more common. Due to the high amounts of THC contained in this strain, consuming the plant matter has been compared to 'dabbing' a concentrate. There are no relevant amounts of CBD found in this strain. 

This strain is potent, and its effects are felt quickly after consumption, occurring initially in the mind. Users may experience a mildly psychedelic high where their thoughts are fast-paced and they have enhanced perception of their surroundings. In the right setting, feelings of euphoria and giddiness can accompany this change in headspace. This may seem intense at first, but relaxation occurs not long afterwards akin to other indica-leaning strains. While this relaxation occurs, some users experience a pleasant wave of warmth and heaviness that courses over their torso and limbs.

Even with sedation occurring, the mental stimulation is still present which allows users to feel 'tuned in' to their surroundings and scenario. This is helpful in the undertaking of certain activities such as reading, writing and mild exercise, but is definitely not advised for any tasks that require a high degree of motor function and control (e.g. cooking or driving a car). The typical side-effects of dry-eyes and cottonmouth are also common with this strain.

Some of the effects of the Wedding Cake strain may be appealing to some medical cannabis consumers. Its ability to enhance perceptiveness can help to manage mild to moderate feelings of stress, depression and anxiety as it allows users to feel more present and in the moment. These effects are also potentially helpful in managing attention deficit disorders, as users can still be lucid and level-headed, which allows them to stay focused on specific tasks.

The physical relaxation experienced can be helpful in dealing with chronic pain, aches and other pain-related conditions such as arthritis. In high enough doses, the sedation that accompanies the physical relaxation can be useful to those suffering from insomnia. Lastly, this strain is a potent hunger stimulator, which can be used to counteract a loss of appetite from disease, medication or chemotherapy.

There are however some potential adverse effects common with high THC content strains such as this one. While rare there is the potential to experience feelings of panic or anxiety, therefore this strain is not recommended for anyone predisposed to these conditions.

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Appearance, Smell & Taste

The Wedding Cake strain is distinguishable by its large, vibrant flowers. Its buds are dense and bulbous, typical of indica strains, and are adorned by bright orange pistils and tightly curled leaves. The high concentration of trichomes found on the buds are responsible for this strain's high THC levels and sticky resin texture. The name of this strain can be attributed to this sparkling resin coat, which gives off the appearance of vanilla wedding cake frosting. This strain also goes by the alias 'Pink Cookies' in reference to the pink and purple hues that highlight its buds.

The main terpene contained within this strain is limonene (citrusy), with caryophyllene (peppery) and myrcene (herbal) also present in smaller amounts. Properly cured buds of this strain have an earthy smell that blends a damp and mossy funk with citrus undertones. Break apart these dank-smelling buds and you will encounter a more alluring and sweet aroma, with tart and sugary qualities.

The Wedding Cake strain has a reputation for being harsh when combusted and smoked, leaving some users with a sore throat. Vaporising this strain is the recommended method of consumption to avoid this occurrence while still experiencing its flavour profile. The flavour of this strain may surprise some, as it is quite dissimilar to its sweet-sounding name. Users will instead find a tangy and sour experience that floods the taste buds. The closest you'll feel to eating a wedding cake when smoking this strain is the subtle creaminess and sugary notes left behind upon exhalation.


The breeders of the Wedding Cake strain, Seed Junky Genetics, do not have a website or location in which to purchase this strain. They do however supply this product to many dispensaries throughout California, Colorado and other legal states in the US and Canada. Some of these dispensaries include Kind Love (Denver), Sweet Flower (Los Angeles) and Get Kush (Canada). This strain costs approximately $20 AUD for a gram and approximately $60 AUD for 1/8 ounce.

The reviews of this strain by consumers are mainly positive, with many hailing its relaxing and in some cases pain-relieving effects. Keep in mind that these reviews are generally from regular cannabis consumers, and nearly all of them state that this is a heavy-hitter – so approach with caution and use wisely. If you can't track this strain down or would prefer something a little less intense, then there are a few alternatives. Original Glue (aka Gorilla Glue) is its closest comparison, while Sunset Sherbet (more creative), Cookies & Cream and Gelato (more euphoric) offer a lighter experience. 

If you are a regular cannabis user looking for a strain that rewards you with profound relaxation and relatively enhanced perception, then look no further than Wedding Cake. With its potent mix of mind and body effects, it's no wonder that this sweet-sounding strain is fast becoming one of the most popular strains around in 2020.


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