The Surprising Health Benefits of Cannabis

Cannabis contains hundreds of compounds, including CBD and THC. The latter (tetrahydrocannabinol) delivers the psychoactive effect. Cannabidiol is known to provide physical benefits.

You may know that veterans with PTSD benefit from cannabis products, and they help with chronic pain — visit the website to learn more. However, marijuana has many other potentials and proven benefits worth knowing. Here are some of them:

Cannabis Can Prevent Glaucoma

Glaucoma impairs vision and eventually causes blindness as it increases pressure in the eyeball. Cannabis use has the opposite effect. According to several studies conducted in the 1970s, smoking cannabis reduced the pressure in subjects who suffered from glaucoma and those who did not.

Cannabis May Counteract Carcinogenic Effects of Tobacco

Contrary to popular beliefs, cannabis may actually improve lung health. Many experts agree that cannabis is only harmful to the lungs of tobacco smokers. According to the American Medical Association, it actually increases lung capacity.

The study monitored over 5,000 young adults for 20 years. Those who smoked tobacco gradually lost lung function. Surprisingly, pot users demonstrated an increase.

Cannabis May Stop Spreading of Cancer Cells

Cancer cells spread through the body quickly because they produce more copies of the Id-1 gene than normal cells. CBD — specifically, the Cannabidiol they contain — switches it off, according to a study published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. The scientists examined the development of breast cancer cells in the lab environment. After treating them with cannabidiol, they found suppressed Id-1 expression and slower spreading.

In 2014, it was shown that brain tumours most commonly associated with malignant brain cancer in humans develop more slowly when marijuana is used. Different studies conducted in Spain, Israel, and the US suggested that marijuana may even kill cancer cells. More research is needed at this point.

Cannabis May Delay Progression of Alzheimer's

In 2006, Molecular Pharmaceutics published a study suggesting that THC (also found in Delta 8 dab) blocked the enzyme that forms amyloid plaques in the brain that potentially cause Alzheimer's. The conclusion suggests marijuana could slow the progression of the disease.

Cannabis May Help Epileptic Patients

A study conducted in 2003 at Virginia Commonwealth University showed that cannabis prevents seizures in rats suffering from epilepsy. Consumption of the drugs caused a 10-hour delay thanks to the effects of cannabinoids. They bind to the brain cells that control relaxation and excitability.

Cannabis May Help the Brain Heal After Trauma

Recently, Cerebral Cortex has published a study showing that cannabis lessens the bruising of the brain in mice after traumatic injury. Lester Grinspoon, Harvard professor emeritus of psychiatry, sent an open letter to the NFL commissioner suggesting the league should fund research into the neuro-protective properties of cannabis.

Final Words

These are only some benefits, proven and suggested. Cannabis may ease the pain of multiple sclerosis and help with muscle spasms. It seems to improve the effectiveness of hepatitis C treatment. Patients with inflammatory bowel diseases may also benefit from CBD.

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Mark Bernberg
Mark Bernberg

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