The Green Fund's CannaCast -Episode #5: KD Khairah

KD Khairah is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who has since created CanMar Recruitment, a Vancouver-based cannabis recruitment company that helps to bring experienced individuals into the cannabis industry.

Welcome to the fifth episode of The Green Fund's CannaCast! The CannaCast features prominent figures within the cannabis space, whether it be entrepreneurs, doctors, chefs, or CEO's of cannabis companies, we will be speaking to the people that have made waves in the cannabis industry. And today, we're bringing you our fifth guest, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Founder of CanMar Recruitment, KD Khairah!

Having accrued a wealth of experience within the HR and Recruitment space in India, KD quickly realized he had both a talent and a passion for uniting employers with their future employees.

After climbing up the ladder of several companies, KD has since gone on to create several of his own, including Bloo Recruitment, Nelmon Technologies and CanMar Recruitment.

CanMar Recruitment provides staffing and business solutions for the global and growing cannabis industry. CanMar Recruitment helps both employers and job-seekers navigate the quickly evolving cannabis job market.

As we discuss in the interview, the cannabis industry is growing quickly, but it remains relatively nascent. The legislation surrounding cannabis is constantly changing, and in many parts of the world cannabis remains illegal, so it can be easy for job seekers to look beyond the industry.

However, as we've discussed here at The Green Fund, the cannabis industry has gone from strength to strength in recent times, particularly amid the COVID-19 pandemic where cannabis consumption and sales have reached all-time-highs.

Moreover, as KD mentions throughout the interview, jobs within the cannabis space aren't simply cultivation or dispensary roles, but rather, the industry requires people from every background. Whether that be marketing, administration, delivery drivers, or quality controllers, the cannabis industry isn't as niche as many might imagine.

Lastly, throughout the interview, we discuss CanMar's upcoming virtual conference and expo, on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of October, in which many of the industries brightest minds will be in attendance. Those who are interested in any aspect of cannabis, whether it be education, employment or entrepreneurship, this event will be a must-see.

Tickets are on sale now for roughly $20, of which $4.20 will go to a charity of your choosing. We hope you enjoy this interview!

You can find KD's LinkedIn here, as well as a link to CanMar's upcoming conference here.

This episode was produced by Casey Peternell, the introduction theme music was created by Reni Mathason and the CannaCast image was created by Niccole Lim. You can find the episode on our Spotify here.

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Louis O'Neill
Louis O'Neill

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