The Green Fund's CannaCast – Episode #4: Melissa Kerr

Melissa Kerr is a Fibromyalgia and chronic pain patient who is currently taking part in Australia's longest running observational study of medicinal cannabis products.

Welcome to the fourth episode of The Green Fund's CannaCast! The CannaCast will feature pre-eminent figures within the cannabis space, whether it be entrepreneurs, doctors, chefs, or CEO's of cannabis companies, we will be speaking to the people that have made waves in the cannabis industry. And today, we're bringing you our fourth guest, Fibromyalgia and chronic pain patient Melissa Kerr.

Fibromyalgia is a highly complicated disorder with a number of unpleasant symptoms—including widespread pain, increased sensitivity, exhaustion and even memory issues—which causes many patients to spend years bouncing back and forth between different doctors and specialists before receiving an official diagnosis.

After struggling with the condition for years, Melissa began using medicinal cannabis after it was recommended to her by a family member in Canada, and since then her quality of life has changed completely. In fact, she has even been able to phase out the opioid and anti-epileptic medication on which she was previously reliant.

Melissa is also is currently taking part in Australia's longest running observational study into the effects of medicinal cannabis on chronic pain patients. The project is being conducted by Applied Cannabis Research—which operates as a division of Southern Cannabis Holdings—and is particularly timely considering that up to 70% of the medicinal marijuana prescriptions made under the SAS program were approved for some form of chronic pain.

As a result, we decided to sit down for an interview with Melissa, so she could explain the immeasurable impact that cannabis has had on her life.

You can find more on Melissa Kerr at her Facebook, as well as via her personal blog, and gaming discord server.

This episode was produced by Casey Peternell, the introduction theme music was created by Reni Mathason and the CannaCast image was created by Niccole Lim. You can find the episode on our Spotify here.

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Hugo Gray
Hugo Gray

Hugo Gray is a Melbourne-based journalist with a body of work that covers a diverse range of topics, including immigration law, sex technology, and now the rapidly expanding cannabis industry.

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