The Green Fund's CannaCast – Episode #2: The Buzzy Kiwi

Stephen McDowell, also known as the Buzzy Kiwi, is a content creator, model and social media icon, who has just released a documentary on cannabis in New Zealand called 'Grass Roots: The Reality of Cannabis Legalisation.'

Welcome to the second episode of the Green Fund's CannaCast, featuring Stephen McDowell, also known as the Buzzy Kiwi.

Stephen is a content creator from Invercargill in New Zealand, and received a university degree in Exercise & Sports Science with plans to enter that field – that is, until an injury put him out of commission. From there, Stephen found his way to medicinal cannabis and realized that everything he'd been taught about the plant wasn't quite accurate.

As such, he's put his videography skills to the test, and produced a documentary about cannabis, in which he dispels the myths and misinformation surrounding the plant. The documentary is entitled 'Grass Roots: The Reality of Cannabis Legalisation,' and gives an in-depth look at cannabis, and what legalisation would look like in his home country, New Zealand. Stephen's impetus to make the documentary was not only to inform those with a curiosity about cannabis and its effects but to also provide a clear outline for the benefits that New Zealand can expect should they choose to vote "yes" in their upcoming cannabis referendum this September.

In this episode of the CannaCast, Stephen and I take a deep dive into the social and economic benefits that cannabis legalization could bring about in the Oceania region, particularly within Australia and New Zealand, both of which are home to great climates for cannabis cultivation.

If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to check out Stephen's work at The Buzzy Kiwi website, and across all of his social media channels under the name the Buzzy Kiwi. You can also find our previous episode with Dennis McKenna on our Spotify here.

Stay tuned for more exciting guests within the cannabis space!

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Louis O'Neill
Louis O'Neill

Louis is a writer based in Sydney with a focus on social and political issues. Having interviewed local politicians and entrepreneurs, Louis now focuses on cannabis culture, legislation & reform.

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