The Best Cannabis Sativa Themed Online Casino Games

Do you want to mix your love for cannabis with your passion for online casino games? Click here to find out about the games that bring this together!

Smoking marijuana is all about relaxing and having fun, essentially, it is a recreational drug. So, what if marijuana was linked with online gambling? In a move to influence more people – especially those who smoke marijuana – to start playing online games, some online casinos such as are introducing casino games with marijuana-themes.

Most of the games can only be accessed and played on mobile apps and not in mainstream casinos. However, the main aim of the marijuana theme is not to encourage people to use weed but to encourage them to play games. Below is a list of the marijuana-themed casino games. Keep reading to find out some of the top options!

The Best Cannabis Sativa Themed Online Casino Games

Kush Slots

Kush Slots is one of the most popular marijuana-themed slot games that is available to mobile players. The game comes with exciting casino bonuses ranging from the respin feature to progressive jackpot and other thrilling special features. It is designed to fit the theme and it comes with soothing music and soundtrack to improve the playing atmosphere. Simply download the game and get started today!

Dream of Weed Slots

Another exciting marijuana-themed online slot is the Dream of Weed slot, which is available to iPhone and iPad users. The game comes with 5 reels and multiple paylines as well as a green background colour to fit the theme. In addition, the game has a beautiful background sound that puts you in a relaxed mood. Impressively, you can trigger various special features in this game.

Stoner Slots

Stoner slots, which was released in 2015, is another popular choice for players who are looking to play online slots with a marijuana theme. The game is available to Android OS users and it comes with some exciting features that improve the playing experience of the game. Also, the game is a classic with a traditional reels setup making it very easy to play.

Slots Weed

The Slots Weed game is another top choice cannabis-based slot game. This game comes with impressive features and bonuses like free spins, free hashish coins, which you can use to start a bid for more bonuses and more. In addition to that, the game is available to players who want to play offline. Simply go on ahead to download it on your mobile device.

Lucky Weed

Lucky Weed is a free slot game that is perfect for players who want to play cannabis-themed slots. The game was developed by Mediapedia in 2018 and it is available to both Android and iPhone users. In addition to that, the game comes with extra features that you can trigger from the base game, which makes the game engaging as well as thrilling to players.

As both a weed lover and slots fan, you get to enjoy a mix of both worlds when you play any of the games we have mentioned in this article. To play any of the games, you do not need to create an account at any casinos. You simply need to head on to your phone's application store to download the one you want!

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