The 5 Best Handheld Cannabis Vapes of 2019

The cannabis landscape is constantly changing, though one trend is for certain; people want smoke-free alternatives. Let's check out the best vaporizers for 2019.

We note that the subject contained in this article represents illegal activity in certain jurisdictions. Whilst we do not condone any acts which are contrary to any such laws, we understand that readers in those jurisdictions which have decriminalised cannabis may find this article of interest.

If you've been following The Green Fund for a while, you'll know that the legal cannabis industry is growing fast, and certain trends are already making themselves apparent.

One such trend is the use of vapes, or vaporizers, as people strive for a more health-conscious lifestyle. For example, cannabis concentrates outsold flower for the first time in California last year – and within that group, the most growth occurred in the vaping sector.

Many prefer vaping over smoking because it avoids the harmful carcinogens involved with traditional combustion, as you aren't burning plant matter. This avoids many of the toxins that can come with smoking joints.

Though beyond health reasons, vapes are also convenient, discreet and easy to use, which makes them a hit for any stoner.

That's why we decided to bring you the top 5 vaporizers for 2019, to help you decide what vape is best for you.

However, there have now been 6 deaths due to vaping as confirmed by U.S. federal officials, and over 450 cases of lung-related illnesses. Almost all of these cases involved THC vapes, and many were believed to have involved vapes purchased on the street. While the causes of the illnesses are unknown, professionals believe it may be due to dangerous solvents added to make the oil-based THC liquid inside the vape, or vitamin E oil which has been added.

For this reason, we're only looking at portable, dry herb vaporizers today, to ensure there are no dangerous solvents!

Cannabis Dry Herb Vape

1. The Mighty Vape – By Storz and Bickel

If you've done your research at all when it comes to vapes, chances are you've come across the Mighty vape.

From the makers of the beloved 'Volcano' vape, Storz and Bickel have constructed another stellar product, this time in a portable form. All you need to do is load it up with dried herb, turn it on and vape away.

As you can see in the image, the vaporizer has an LED screen that tells you the specific temperature of your weed, as well as a vibrational system that will alert you when your herb is at the right temperature to inhale.

The Mighty boasts a battery life of up to 2 hours when being used, and can even be operated while charging. This is the perfect vape to use on the go, or for passing around at home with friends.

The only major downside is that you'll be forking out a bit of cash for this one. At AUD $450, the Mighty vape is definitely a top-of-the-line purchase. (Consider it an investment…)

On top of this, the Mighty vape is a bit larger than your standard handheld, so you'll need some deep pockets for it. For those looking for a more sleek Storz and Bickel product, consider choosing their 'Crafty' vape, a smaller, cheaper, similar product. (Though admittedly, they both look like something out of Doctor Who.)

Cannabis Dry Herb Vape

2. PAX 3

This sleek product is the third instalment in PAX's vape saga, and undoubtedly the most aesthetic. While the 'Mighty' is all function, the 'PAX 3' is all form.

This vape is more portable than the Storz and Bickel ranges, along with being slimmer and much more stylish.

The PAX 3 comes with a concentrates insert so you can alternate between dry herb and a cannabis concentrate (again, we recommend dry herb for safety) as well as a half-sized chamber so you don't have to pack so much herb into it for each session.

Like the Mighty, the PAX 3 utilizes LED lighting to signal when it's ready to go, and it also has motion sensors for your lips so that it can shut itself off when you're done. Smart, huh?

This vape won't set you back as much as 'The Mighty,' only costing around AUD $200.

Cannabis Dry Herb Vape

3. Arizer Solo 2

The Arizer Solo 2 is the second instalment in the…you get the gist.

The Arizer Solo 2 boasts a pure, clean flavour. This comes from the vape's stainless steel chamber which features a ceramic heating element. On top of this, you place your herbs into a glass stem which then plugs into the top of the vaporizer itself. This means your herb is only in contact with the glass, ensuring a cleaner hit.

Though as the picture shows, the glass stem isn't as sleek as the PAX 3, and may cause paranoia if you're not comfortable walking around with glass on you at all times. For these reasons, many argue that this vape isn't entirely portable. And certainly, toking on this while walking may be more challenging than some other vaporizers, so perhaps sit down for this one.

However, if you were to consider this an at-home vape, you can also attach the Arizer Solo 2 to a water pipe for a slightly different experience, which some argue is a healthier way to consume.

You can also load this vape up with dry herbs like lavender or chamomile and it will act as a aromatic diffuser.

This product comes in at around AUD $320, so again this may be for higher-end users, or for those who really want to splash some cash and go all out.

Cannabis Dry Herb Vape

4. FlowerMate Vapormax V5 Mini Vaporizer

Small, simple, and extremely affordable; the FlowerMate Vapormax V5 Mini is your entry-level vape.

If you've never purchased a vape before and you aren't sure if vaping is for you, you might want to test the waters with this one.

At just AUD $140, this vape will get the job done at a fraction of the cost of competitors and boasts a simplicity of use for cannabis consumers of any level.

You simply charge the device through a Micro-USB, place your herb into the chamber and wait 30 seconds for the LED light to signal you.

While the quality of the FlowerMate won't match up to 'The Mighty,' the FlowerMate Vapormax mini is a great device for beginners at a low cost.

Cannabis Dry Herb Vape

5. The Grasshopper

When it comes to portable vaporizers, the trend seems to be that 'less is more.' People are looking for the slimmest, sleekest and most inconspicuous product availble; and The Grasshopper might just be it.

The vaporizer is even designed to look just like a real pen, so you'll have to be careful not to sign any important contracts with it.

The device comes in stainless steel, titanium, and colored titanium – though we recommend opting for the titanium version as it is lighter, less likely to get scratched, and doesn't heat up so quickly.

This product heats up in just 10 seconds, offers great vapor quality, and takes replaceable batteries so there are no worries about charging.

If you're trying to hide the fact that you're vaping weed, while still vaping weed, this is your best option. This pen-like product offers 3 hours of use, comes with a lifetime warranty and will cost you AUD $300.

So there you have it, our 5 recommended dry herb vapes for 2019.

Given the recent issues found with THC cartridge vapes (which were mostly procured on the black market), we thought we should give you some options that don't require cartridges or concentrates and allow you to know exactly what you're vaping.

Now, the only thing left to do is decide whether or not you want to jump in on the smoke-free revolution.

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