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Is this strain light or tangy? Find out in this article.

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Different cannabis strains are exciting to consumers for multiple reasons. With the sheer multitude of different strains currently on the market and in creation, there are now more options to choose from than ever before. No matter what your preference is, you'll most likely be able to find a strain that's just right for you. 

Some prefer an uplifting and invigorating strain, while others just crave a potent high that provides relaxation. While these effects can be tinkered with to provide different experiences, another feature that is often experimented with is flavour, which this next strain is packed full of. Our guide to 2020's most popular strains continues with the Tangie Strain.

Tangie is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain created by DNA Genetics. It is a cross between California Orange and an unknown Skunk hybrid strain. Tangie is inspired by Tangerine Dream, a popular Dutch strain in the '90s, and is considered a remake. What these two strains share in common is evident in the aromatic buds that smell of sweet, citrusy goodness. They are also both considered as two of the tastiest strains of all time.

Other than its alluring flavour, this strain is known for producing an uplifting and invigorating high. It is noted for providing energy without any lingering haziness. While it is incredibly popular with consumers, this strain also has some serious pedigree. Tangie has dominated numerous High Times Cannabis Cups, once winning 10 different awards over a 10-month period.


Tangie has a THC content that ranges between 14-20% THC, with the average strain being around 17% THC. This means that the average Tangie strain is milder than the average hybrid strain (approx. 18.3% THC). Strains on the lighter end may be suitable for novice consumers. There are no relevant amounts of CBD found within this strain.

Tangie's effects are heavily influenced by its sativa genetics which includes an uplifting high. After consumption an invigorating and euphoric buzz is noticeable, helping to elevate mood and clear the head. Other cerebral effects that are present from the onset include an increase in energy, creativity and focus. This makes Tangie a social strain and one that is consumed for a wide range of activities.

While not the main feature of this strain, Tangie also has some subtle indica effects that become more apparent once the initial high tapers off. These mainly manifest as a nice and relaxing body high without any sluggishness. With its ability to boost energy, creativity and focus while maintaining mental clarity, Tangie is a popular strain for daytime or afternoon use.

For medical consumers, Tangie's uplifting effects are often utilised to relieve stress. Its ability to elevate mood make it helpful in combatting symptoms related to conditions such as depression and PTSD. Due to its nature as a sativa, this strain may cause introspective thinking in the early stages of its high which can unsettle those prone to panic or paranoia. As such, it is not typically recommended for managing anxiety.

Tangie's energising effects carry no risk of couchlock and can be utilised in combatting fatigue or chronic tiredness. Those who suffer from an attention deficit disorder have also found this strain useful for its ability to increase focus and concentration. While some consumers have found this strain useful in managing pain, due to its low CBD content and lack of physical effects, Tangie is not usually recommended for pain-related conditions such as chronic pain or arthritis.

Appearance, Smell & Taste

When fully grown, Tangie is quite a tall pant, which is why this strain is almost exclusively grown outdoors. It produces small but dense buds that are typically light green in colour. No other colours particularly stand out apart from the dark orange stigmas that poke out and accent the buds. A high concentration of trichomes can be found covering these buds, producing a resinous layer that is fairly sticky.

Tangie's aroma and flavour are easily its two biggest features. The buds contain strong and unmistakable notes of citrus and fresh tangerine. This strong tangerine scent helps to distinguish Tangie from other strains with ambiguous citrus scents or ones that have an essence of lemon or grape. The main terpenes present in this strain are myrcene (earthy), pinene (pine) and caryophyllene (spice). Surprisingly, while limonene (citrus) is present in Tangie's terpene profile, it isn't found in high concentrations (~4%).

Tangie's flavours stay true to the scent that emanates off the buds. It is sweet and tropical, with a blend of juicy fruit flavours that are sure to leave you feeling refreshed. Although there are other citrusy notes, the dominant flavour of this strain is that of tangerines, as per the name. Due to Tangie's enticing flavour, it is recommended that this strain is consumed via vaporisation in order to appreciate its flavour fully. 


Tangie was originally bred by Dutch seed company DNA Genetics. This company has been developing high-quality seeds for 13 years and is well-renowned on the West Coast of the US as well as in Europe. Tangie seeds are available from their website in regular and auto-flowering variations.

As the seeds are easily accessible, this strain has wide availability in the Netherlands and North America. In the US, Tangie is most prevalent in California, Arizona and Colorado, although you should be able to find it in most dispensaries throughout the legal states. This strain will set you back around $15 AUD a gram in a Dutch coffeeshop and this price should be similar in North American dispensaries.

Since inception, Tangie has inspired the creation of many similar strains, including Sour Tangie, Tangie OG, Agent Tangie, Purple Tangie, Tangie Cookies and Double Tangie Banana, amongst many others. Sour Tangie and Double Tangie Banana seeds can also be found on DNA Genetics' website. Some similar but not Tangie-related strains include Strawberry Cough, Green Crack and Mimosa.

While some consumers pick their strains based on effects, others are just in it to experience the delicious flavours that some cannabis strains have. For those who belong to the latter group, look no further than the Tangie strain. With most cannabis aficionados referring to this strain as one of the best-tasting creations of all time, its uplifting effects are just an added bonus. As a multiple-awarding winning strain, expect Tangie to win over more admirers as time passes. It looks set to stick around for a long while.


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