Snoop Dogg Responds to New Zealand Cannabis Referendum

The world famous rapper has put in his two cents regarding the upcoming NZ referendum.

Snoop Dogg has taken to social media to show his support for New Zealand's cannabis legalisation referendum.

The rapper and actor, posted a 'Lord of the Rings' reference on Facebook to share his pro-cannabis thoughts on a recent survey regarding the upcoming referendum. The survey, commissioned by Helius Therapeutics, comments on the increasing support for legalising cannabis. The survey was conducted by Horizon Research.

The post encouraged almost 70,000 likes, and almost 3000 shares from Snoop Dogg's international following.

Gandalf smokin that good good! 🔥🌲👏🏿Posted by Snoop Dogg on Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Opinions circulating on the post sparked a discussion that shows the international support for cannabis legalisation.

One user posted "I work in the cannabis industry in California and I wanna come back home to NZ and have a job. It will help boost our economy…"

The survey gathered responses from almost 1600 NZ citizens to measure support for the Cannabis Legalisation and Control bill. The referendum will take place on 19th September 2020, the same day as the national election.

The survey concluded that 56% of Kiwis are in favour of legalising the personal use of cannabis. This marks an increase of support by 21% from August 2019.

Helius Therapeutics Chief Executive, Paul Manning, commented on the nation's dividing issue.

"This result will energise both yes and no camps. It shows just how close the vote will be." Paul Manning, Chief Executive of Helius Therapeutics

The survey shows that votes for the referendum may depend on one's political allegiance. 81% of voters of the Green Party, 70% of ACT voters, and 53% of NZ First voters are all in support of the 'yes' vote.

However, only 31% of Labour Party voters support cannabis legalisation.

The survey also found that divisions of legalisation preference are associated across different demographics and genders. For example, females are more supportive of legalisation than males by 7%.

The survey also found that citizens aged 25 – 34 years are more favourable towards legalisation. On the other hand, citizens over the age of 75 are in the least in favour of legalisation.

The result of the referendum will dictate whether the Cannabis Legalisation and Control bill will be introduced into NZ parliament. If the bill is successful then New Zealand citizens aged 20 and above can legally purchase 14grams of cannabis per day. Consumption will also be legal in the user's private residence or within licensed premises.

Support for the yes vote has increased from 54% as shown in a similar vote completed in February 2020.

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Taylor Ridewood
Taylor Ridewood

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