On December the 12th last year, Forbes said it best. The marijuana industry is booming!

Marijuana is without doubt the single biggest wealth creating opportunity of the coming 5-10 years. Sure – people will tell you it’s Crypto. To them we would say that we agree.

We do believe there will be many, many crypto millionaires made in the coming years. No doubt. However – there is absolutely no basis to define the value of the underlying currency. None. Zero. Zip. They simply go up or down based on rumours and snippets of news. And this was proven when The Global Cannabis Index was compared to the Crypto Index (as supplied by Coinspot) and the results are shown below.

Even with the hyper inflationary growth of crypto, marijuana has outperformed it in the past 6 months!
Marijuana stocks are delivering incredible gains, although these gains are housed within public companies trading on the global exchanges.

  • They are REAL companies
  • They have REAL revenue,
  • And they have REAL business models and structures to deliver.

In the coming months and even years, the cannabis industry will see some tiny companies rise to become superstars in fields of medicine, entertainment, and consumer goods.

These are going to be the Amazon’s and Coca-Cola’s of the marijuana industry. An industry that is projected to grow 40% year on year for the next 7 years. A global industry that is set to be worth $50bn by 2025. That’s bigger than all chocolate and wine sold in the United States. And nearly, nearly bigger than beer.

And the best part, is that these stocks trade for pennies in the dollar now. But the biggest gains have yet to be made. The kind that will deliver the biggest life-changing returns.

If you had caught the first marijuana boom and invested in one of these companies, you could have made 4,500%, 8,000%, 10,000% and even higher gains. Yup, you read right.

So a couple of dollars can very quickly become hundreds of thousands of dollars if you can get the timing right. Clearly that is very hard to do – perfectly. But even if you got half of the timing right – you’re still talking about gains that are well about 5,000%

Take Aurora Cannabis as an example. They are now one of the biggest and set for even further hyperbolic growth once Canada legalised recreational marijuana on July 1 this year. They are a licensed producer and are in the final stages of building the largest and most sophisticated greenhouse on the planet. Nearly 200,000 square metres. That’s more than 34 football fields. Their business plan is simple. Produce high quality, low cast medicinal and recreational
marijuana and try to meet the coming demand in Canada.

Bloomberg was quoted as saying that demand is going to radically outweigh supply when Canada goes fully recreational. There is just not enough pot being produced to do so. We are talking more than 800,000kg per year. Current output is just over 240,000kg.

This stock has rocketed to a 10,867% gain in just under 24 months

If you’d put $500 in Aurora 3 years ago, it would have grown to $54,835
$2,000 explodes into $219,340! That’s right. Nearly $220,000 from just $2,000 in under 4 years.
There are at least another 10 stocks I could list for you that have all exceeded 10,000% in the last 4 years.

That’s why it’s so urgent for you to get in as soon as possible. Or else, next year when you see the incredible gains these pot stocks are delivering, you’ll be sick to your stomach. It only takes a small investment in a penny pot stock, and your life could change forever with a big winner.

But there are going to be so many more winners. This is not being called the green rush for nothing. We are not talking about one or two stocks. We are talking about a sector!

Like Weed Inc – with their wicked ticker – BUDZ. Again, very sound and robust business model. They buy up dilapidated warehouses and commercial grade buildings. They they kit them as “plug and play” greenhouses. The startup capital required to build a marijuana grade warehouse is very capital intensive and a lot of the marijuana companies and startups cannot neither afford it, nor get institutional finance for it.

And so what does Weed Inc. do? It leases these properties to the startups and craft growers across the US in all medicinally and recreationally legal states. And the rent them for silly money. Sometime up to 10x what the average rental is in that area or neighbourhood.

So how has Weed Inc. performed? Not bad we would answer.

Up 1,390% since June of last year. That’s right – 1,390% in 6 months.

That means if you had invested just $1,000 in this stock in June 2017, it would have grown into just under $14,000 by January the 1st – this year!
How would an extra $13,000 in 6 months suit you?

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Marijuana is the biggest investing event we’ve seen in the last 20 years. It takes us back to the mid 1990’s when the internet was in it’s infancy and tech giants were being born.

Last year our fund returned gains of 480%. Now it’s your turn.