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Is this strain as sweet as the candy it's named after? Find out in this article.

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New strains are constantly in development, to service all a cannabis consumer's needs. Some consumers are after a potent and mind-expanding high. Others just use the plant for its numerous medical benefits.

There are even certain consumers who will chase down a specific strain just for the way it smells and tastes. And why wouldn't you? With all the options out there, new cannabis strains have flavour profiles that make them tastier than your average strain. This strain is definitely one of them. Our guide to 2020's most popular strains continues with the Runtz Strain

The Runtz strain is a hybrid strain first cultivated by the well-renowned Bay Area breeders of the Cookies Family. This strain is a cross between popular West Coast creations Zkittlez and Gelato, which are adored for their flavour. This strain definitely flaunts its genetic pedigree with a sweet aromatic and flavour profile as well as a strikingly colourful appearance. Being the progeny of exclusive boutique strains makes Runtz an extremely rare and sought-after strain.

As the Runtz strain has such a diverse number of phenotypes, it isn't easy to distinguish whether it is more indica or sativa-leaning. Different phenotypes of this strain can lean either way and, in some cases, can even be perfectly balanced (approximately 50% indica and 50% sativa). Even with this being the case, this strain has often been described as a powerhouse. One that produces a euphoric and elevating high that can last for hours, and tastes damn good while doing so.


Due to its rarity and the number of different phenotypes, the THC content of the Runtz strain can vary drastically. These levels are usually tested on a per-grow basis and can range anywhere between 19-29% THC. Extreme caution must be adhered to when purchasing or consuming this strain, as that difference is vast. 29% THC is incredibly potent and will rock novice and experienced cannabis consumers alike. There is not much data for the average CBD levels of this strain.

Information on this strain is scarce, but most users report a high with euphoric and relaxing effects that are felt in both the head and body. These are the typical effects of many hybrid strains. Some of these effects may even have medical potential. Many users recommend this strain for anxiety and stress relief due to its mood-lifting effects. Pain relief is another reported benefit as this strain can help to manage mild aches and pains.

Some of the higher THC variations of this strain may induce feelings of paranoia in novice consumers and people predisposed to those feelings. It is not recommended as a stress reliever if you belong to these groups.

Upon consumption of this strain, stress and anxiety will melt away as the euphoria emerges. This euphoria is potent and will elevate your mood, but perhaps not enough to leave the house as the overwhelming relaxation sets in. It is during this time when bodily aches and pains disappear.

Accompanying this physical relaxation are some mind-expanding cognitive effects. These include increased energy and creativity, making this a popular strain for activities. Indoor activities are recommended over outdoor ones because once these cognitive effects wear off, you are left with a strong indica body stone. This will leave your muscles relaxed and your mind numb. A strong case of the 'munchies' is also reported after consumption of this strain. 

Appearance, Smell & Taste

While the effects seem enjoyable and medically beneficial, they aren't where this strain makes a name for itself. This strain is mostly celebrated for its fruity aroma, sweet taste and appealing looks. The Runtz name is actually inspired by the Runts candy, a colourful and fruity Wonka creation that you may remember from your childhood.

The buds of this strain are typically round and dense with a lime green colour. Properly cured buds of this strain will have spots of colour dotted throughout. Some of the colours you may encounter are other hues of green, blue, purple and orange. These buds are drenched in resinous trichomes (which explains the potency) and are adorned by bright orange pistils.

The Runtz strain has an aromatic profile that makes it smell like a bag of sugary candy. While its terpene profile produces this candy-like scent, there are also hints of tropical fruit and wood that can be detected. The main terpenes present in this strain are caryophyllene and limonene, which contribute the peppery and citrus elements to this strain's overall aroma.

Most users rave about the taste of this strain, with many describing it as delicious. The flavour of this strain is similar to its scent, as it tastes like sweet and fruity candy. The fruity taste is mainly described as tropical with some earthy notes blended in. This strain also produces a creamy and smooth smoke which leaves a sugary sweet aftertaste. 


As mentioned earlier, the Runtz strain is incredibly elusive and, as such, is hard to find outside of California. The strain was originally cultivated by the Cookies Family and can be purchased from their dispensary in Melrose, Los Angeles. 

Other phenotypes of this strain may be found in some dispensaries scattered throughout the Bay Area and SoCal, but they will have limited availability. Because of this exclusivity, this strain is quite expensive. You can expect to pay approximately $80 AUD for 1/8 oz of Runtz.

If this strain seemed appealing but too elusive, or just too expensive, then don't worry. There are plenty of other fruity-tasting strains to try. Some of these include Purple Punch, Pineapple Express, Cherry Pie and Mango Kush. If all the fruitiness wasn't for you, but you still have a sweet-tooth, then check out other indulgent strains such as Gelato or GSC.

While the Runtz strain is a rare beast, it is quickly rising in popularity. Cannabis consumers who are after a sweet treat, and not just a good time, will be delighted if they get their hands on this strain.

The euphoric and relaxing effects are an added bonus for this dessert strain, as it's all about enjoying the whole experience. Keep your eyes on this one. The way things are going, you might see a lot more of it.


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