Rhys Cohen Discusses Australia's Medicinal Cannabis Industry

Rhys Cohen is one of Australia's foremost cannabis experts, and in this episode of the CannaCast, Rhys chats with us about his thoughts on Australia's medicinal cannabis industry and much more.

Welcome to the thirteenth episode of The Green Fund's CannaCast! The CannaCast features pre-eminent figures within the cannabis space, whether it be entrepreneurs, doctors, chefs, or CEO's of cannabis companies, we will be speaking to the people that have made waves in the cannabis industry.

In this episode, we speak with none other than Rhys Cohen, the Editor-at-Large at CannaBiz.

Rhys has carved a name for himself in the cannabis space through his Honours thesis, in which he focused upon cannabis markets in the U.S., particularly in the case of Colorado.

Rhys's academic work on cannabis then served as a launchpad, helping to propel him into influential roles within Australia's cannabis space, directing cannabis programs for Sydney University and Cann10, working with Cannabis Consulting Australia and FreshLeaf Analytics, and finally at CannaBiz.

Having written the first White Paper on cannabis in Australia, Rhys is uniquely positioned to understand the ever-changing legislative landscape of the plant, however, his initial interest in researching the plant was much broader than simply cannabis itself.

In a previous interview, Rhys mentioned to The Green Fund:

"We can use what people think and feel about cannabis as a lens to better understand societies. That's what is really interesting to me about cannabis – it's the most widely-used illicit drug in the world, as well as being an emerging (and historical) therapeutic. So it's possible to use cannabis to look at economics; race; inequality; health; power; crime; commerce; agronomy; politics; regulation; you name it."

Rhys is one of the foremost experts on medicinal cannabis in Australia, and in this episode of the CannaCast, we talk about the trajectory of the Australian cannabis industry, his motivations behind entering the space, and current bottlenecks to medical cannabis prescriptions in the country.

This episode was produced by Casey Peternell, the introduction theme music was created by Reni Mathason and the CannaCast image was created by Niccole Lim. You can find the episode on our Spotify as well as on Apple Podcasts.

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Louis O'Neill
Louis O'Neill

Louis is a writer based in Sydney with a focus on social and political issues. Having interviewed local politicians and entrepreneurs, Louis now focuses on cannabis culture, legislation & reform.