Oregon Democratic Party Show Support for Regulated Psilocybin Therapy and Drug Decriminalisation

A statewide measure for a regulated psilocybin therapy program and drug decriminalization are officially endorsed by Oregon's Democratic Party.

The Oregon Democratic Party is officially endorsing the measures for drug decriminalization and psilocybin-assisted therapy.

After successfully making it to the November election ballot, both changes would place Oregon at the helm of U.S. drug policy reform.

Legalizing psilocybin will lead to an introduction of a statewide, regulated psilocybin program. Meanwhile, decriminalizing illicit substances would prevent the possibility of incarceration for minor drug offences.

The success of either policy change will solidify the state's stance towards freedom of healthcare and the lawful consequences of drug-offences.

The implementation of a regulated psilocybin program means that patients can seek supervised psilocybin-assisted therapy in a licensed clinic.

Currently, psilocybin can treat an array of mental health conditions. Meanwhile, other psychedelic-assisted treatments are considered breakthrough therapies and are undergoing clinical trials to research its therapeutic benefits. In fact, a medical exemption for psilocybin therapy was granted for four terminal patients to treat end-of-life distress last month in Canada.

Democratic Representative, Earl Blumenauer expressed his support for psilocybin therapy to Marijuana Moment earlier this year. Furthermore, in a recent email, Rep. Blumenauer stated that psilocybin-assisted therapy is foundational in assisting with mental health.

Measure 109 gives Oregonians who suffer from depression and anxiety the opportunity to overcome their mental health challenges through a program designed for safety and support. . .It's healthcare policy done right, and it will help thousands.Earl Blumenauer – U.S. Representative for Oregon

Meanwhile, drug decriminalization would favour rehabilitation options over incarceration for minor drug possession offences. In doing so, the measure calls to invest marijuana tax revenue into providing access for drug treatment programs for offenders.

As it stands, both measures will likely reduce minor drug related convictions. Subsequently, the reform would drop racial disparities for possession arrests in the state by 95%, according to the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission.

The Democratic support for psychedelic-assisted therapy shows monumental encouragement in the evolution of healthcare. Oregon could be the first state to rise up and stand in support of treatment over incarceration and the benefits of psychedelics when given in a clinically controlled, safe environment.

Marijuana has been legal in the state of Oregon since 2014 and it's at the forefront of a multi-faceted paradigm shift within the healthcare and judicial sectors.

The Democratic party is standing strong with its community and the need for reform – and they're saying "yes" to the change.

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Taylor Ridewood
Taylor Ridewood

Taylor is a Sydney-based writer with a background in psychology and professional writing. She has a keen interest in the benefits of medicinal cannabis and enjoys researching the multi-faceted effects of cannabis on the body and mind.

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