Order Up! MedLab Receives First Export Order For NanoCBD

MedLab's third and newest cannabinoid formula has just received an export order to Hong Kong for 1500 units.

Medlab Clinical (ASX: MDC) has already received an export order from Hong Kong for its latest cannabinoid formula, NanoCBD.

NanoCBD is a hemp-derived CBD formulation that contains 16.67 mg/mL cannabidiol (CBD) as an active ingredient, in a sub-micron spray applied to the oro-buccal membrane. The product is designed to help with anxiety and inflammation.


The CBD-based formula has already received FDA approval and is currently being manufactured in a GMP certified facility in California.

The early order shows promising demand for NanoCBD, which utilizes Medlab's unique proprietary delivery system, NanoCelle, a delivery method that boasts higher absorption capabilities than competitors.

Medlab CEO, Dr Sean Hall said "NanoCBD™ is another example of the capabilities of Medlab's patented NanoCelle™ delivery platform. The order is the start of global expansion for the product, with opportunities in the USA to follow. Once manufactured, NanoCBD™ will be available in Australia under SAS."

NanoCBD is the third product in MedLabs arsenal, alongside NanaBis, which is designed for cancer pain and is showing promise for neuropathic pain, and NanaBidial, which is designed for seizures, chemotherapy, nausea and vomiting.

NanoCBD is expected to hit Australian shelves around Christmas time, and can be acquired through the Special Access Scheme, and other countries which have legalized CBD will be considered in the near future.

MedLab's unique, pharmaceutical approach differentiates the company from many existing cannabinoid companies who don't undergo the same level of rigour and regulation. The first sale of NanoCBD legitimises this approach.

The company is also working with U.S. clients for U.S. market release to progress and expand MedLab's global commercial opportunities.

You can read more about MedLab at their company profile here.

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Louis O'Neill

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