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Are orange juice and cookies a good combination? Find out in this article.

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These days cannabis consumers have a lot to choose from when it comes to strains. The advancements of science and breeding in the cannabis industry allows breeders to mix and match certain features to get the right balance in flavours, scent and effects.

With all these different variables to play around with, sometimes strains with whacky features enter the market, purely as a point of difference. This next strain may sound a bit unusual but the balance is spot on, making this strain a standout.Our guide to 2020's most popular strains continues with the Orange Cookies Strain.

Orange Cookies is an indica-leaning hybrid strain created by breeder Obsoul33t from Franchise Genetics. As the Cookies part of its name suggests, this is yet another child of the legendary GSC strain, with its other parent being the fruit-filled Orange Juice. While cookies and orange juice may sound like a strange combination, these flavours work together, utilising the mellow sweetness to balance the tangy citrus burst.

Just like its flavour, the effects of this strain are also well-balanced, as it produces deep physical relaxation and euphoric cerebral stimulation. While it may not provide you with the Vitamin C that you need, this strain is popular for its mellow and thoughtful high, which is great for unwinding. It's not just popular with fruit-lovers though – this strain also placed second for the Best Hybrid Flower at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup in California.


Orange Cookies THC content ranges between 16-20% THC with an average of 18%. This puts it on par with the average hybrid strain (approx. 18.3% THC). Keep in mind that hybrids are usually bred to increase THC levels and they have higher averages than indica or sativa strains. No relevant amounts of CBD are found within this strain.

This strain exerts strong indica effects, but on the whole the high is well-balanced. Initially, there is come cerebral stimulation akin to GSC's euphoric effects. These effects take hold quickly, as the mood-lifting sensation of euphoria is accompanied by an energetic buzz. A boost in creativity, motivation and thoughtfulness can occur which is met with strong physical relaxation. This relaxation helps to ground the consumer, so this cerebral stimulation doesn't veer off into paranoia or anxiety.

While this physical relaxation comes on strong at first, it can be invigorating, making the potential of couchlock unlikely. Instead of feeling zoned out, this strain can provide insightful clarity that makes you appreciative of your surroundings. Outdoor recreational activities such as hiking or riding a bike are commonly enjoyed with this strain but it is also suitable for a nice calm night at home. This versatility and lack of grogginess mean that Orange Cookies is equally enjoyable as a daytime or nighttime strain. 

Due to its wide profile of effects, Orange Cookies also has some useful medical applications. The physical relaxation can also be a numbing body high, providing relief from chronic aches and pains. It can also quell nausea and stimulate appetite, which can be helpful to those who suffer from conditions such as cancer or anorexia.

On the mental side of things, the uplifting effects of this strain provide great stress relief. These effects can be helpful to those suffering from conditions related to depression and PTSD. As the cerebral stimulation isn't too potent, anxiety sufferers are also able to utilise this strain's mood-lifting effects without paranoia setting in. The energising aspects of this strain are useful in combatting fatigue, while some consumers have noted that its ability to enhance focus is helpful in managing the symptoms of attention deficit disorders. 

Appearance, Smell & Taste

As Orange Cookies is an indica-leaning hybrid, it has features that are typical of indica strains. This means that the plant is short in stature with dense and globose buds. These buds are bright green with hints of purple speckled throughout. Occasionally, there are some hints of orange as well which match the bright orange stigmas protruding from them. This strain has a high resin content thanks to the sticky layer of white trichomes that covers these buds.

Orange Cookies is a pungent strain, with a strong and tangy citrus aroma that emanates from the buds. The prominent smell is that of an overripe orange however, there are elements of the famous GSC sugar and spice as well. Some herbal notes and earthy notes can be detected within the buds once they are broken up or ground apart. The terpenes that contribute to all these crazy scents are terpinolene (fruity), caryophyllene (spice) and myrcene (herbal).

While Orange Cookies has the same sugary sweetness as other strains from the GSC line, the overwhelming flavour is one of tangy oranges. In fact, this strain might be the closest tasting strain to an actual orange on the market. When inhaled, this strain gives the impression of biting into a piece of juicy citrus fruit, with the iconic kush taste blended in. Upon exhalation, the smoke is smooth and creamy, leaving a sugary aftertaste. Although there is a lot going on with this unique flavour, it is as much a part of the experience as the effects.


The original creator of Orange Cookies is the well-renowned breeder Obsoul33t from Franchise Genetics. This seed company is most famous for pioneering the 'Alien' line of strains. The seeds of this strain are not commercially available as of yet, making this a 'clone-only' strain and a very rare find. Consider yourself lucky if you manage to obtain a cutting of this strain.

Orange Cookies is also regarded as a Californian boutique strain. This status along with its limited availability not only make this strain elusive, they make it expensive. If you manage to locate this strain in a Californian dispensary, you're looking at spending around $30 AUD for a gram. While exceedingly rare you may be able to find this strain in a coffeeshop in Amsterdam, as many like to get their hands on boutique Californian strains. The price in Amsterdam is most likely to be around $50-60 AUD for a gram.

Don't worry if you can't find this strain, although they might not do the same job, there are some similar strains to check out. Some of these include Golden Ticket, Double Tangie Banana, Lemon Haze and LSD. For fans of the GSC strain and its progeny, there's Gelato, Wedding Cake, Biscotti and Animal Cookies. There are also plenty of strains with an orange or citrus flavour like Mimosa or Forbidden Fruit.

Orange Cookies was initially bred to create a unique flavour and aromatic profile, which it has achieved through a strange yet enticing combination. These aren't its only stand-out features though, as it has well-balanced effects suitable for any occasion. When you also consider its GSC lineage, this strain has all the trademarks of a popular boutique strain and appears well set for a rise in prominence once it becomes more available.


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