New Jersey Governor Advocates For Marijuana Legalization

In a new video, New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy presses citizens to #TurnThePage and support a referendum to legalize adult-use marijuana.

New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy continues to promote his support for marijuana legalization in the garden state.

A new video released on Tuesday by pro-legalization coalition, NJ CAN 2020, shows Gov. Murphy (D) promoting marijuana legalization. The message urges NJ citizens to support the vote for a referendum to legalize marijuana for adult-use.

NJ CAN 2020 – Governor Phil Murphy Wants You to Vote YES to Legalize Marijuana in New Jersey this November!

Among other benefits for legalization, Gov. Murphy emphasizes the toll of criminalization on racial equality and taxpayer's money.

"$150 million. That's what processing marijuana arrests costs New Jersey taxpayers every year—arrests that disproportionately impact young people of color and make it harder for them to get a job, a place to live, even a credit card," Murphy says.

Murphy goes on to state that with the help of citizens vote, NJ can join other states in reaping the rewards of legalization.

"Eleven states and Washington, D.C. are already reaping the benefits of the job creation, economic development and, importantly, social justice reform that comes with legalization and regulation. NJ Governor, Phil Murphy (D) – NJ CAN 2020

"It's time for us in New Jersey to join them. And it's up to you to make it happen," Murphy states. The Governor also reminds his citizens to "turn the page" of the ballot in case the referendum vote is placed on the back of the voters sheet.

The video is yet another attempt in a series of advocations made by Gov. Murphy supporting marijuana legalization.

Last week, for example, the Gov. wrote in an email sent by the Democratic State Committee, that marijuana legalization can right many wrongs. Social justice reform, job creation, and tax revenue are just a few examples of why legalization will benefit the state.

Furthermore, the state's governor also stated back in July that legalization was a "no brainer" and a "smart choice", according the Marijuana Moment.

The #TurnThePage movement encourages NJ citizens to "turn the page on prohibition" and reap the rewards of marijuana legalization.

As it stands, NJ citizens are already following the governor's lead with a new poll concluding that 65% of the voters support marijuana legalization.

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Taylor Ridewood
Taylor Ridewood

Taylor is a Sydney-based writer with a background in psychology and professional writing. She has a keen interest in the benefits of medicinal cannabis and enjoys researching the multi-faceted effects of cannabis on the body and mind.

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