Mumbrella Co-Founder and Former CEO Launches New Medicinal Cannabis Platform

Martin Lane never expected to become involved with the "devil's lettuce", but now he's set up a B2B platform for the legal cannabis industry.

The co-founder and former CEO of Mumbrella, Martin Lane, has announced the launch of a new B2B commerce platform aimed at the legal cannabis sector.

Lane has teamed up with the founder of Klick X, Kim McKay, to create the new platform—which will be officially known as Cannabiz—and according to the former Mumbrella bigwig, "if you'd told me in 2013 that seven years later I'd be launching a media platform for Australia's cannabis industry, I never would've believed you."

While there are websites aimed at the cannabis investment and medical communities, there's nothing covering all aspects of the industry in Australia – growing, manufacturing, clinical trials, distribution, prescription, marketing and advocacy. There's a whole ecosystem which we [Cannabiz] want to support and help grow. Cannabiz co-founder, Martin Lane

Cannabiz is a new company that will focus exclusively on educating, connecting, and facilitating Australia's legal cannabis industry via its online B2B platform, along with a variety of podcasts, industry reports, events and weekly newsletters.

Additionally, the company will also provide marketing and PR services to the marijuana sector, to help Australian business owners navigate the highly regulated cannabis industry.

According to Lane, he never expected to become involved with the "devil's lettuce" after leaving Mumbrella in March this year to pursue opportunities in the publishing and events consultancy space.

However, since then his views have evolved significantly, and he has come to realize the significant medicinal benefits that the plant can provide.  

"But like a lot of people, my view of the 'devil's lettuce' started to change when I was exposed to its non-hallucinogenic properties. My brother-in-law, suffering from secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and housebound in the UK long before Covid-19 lockdowns were a thing, was prescribed nabiximols (trade name: Sativex) to alleviate the worst of his symptoms," Lane said.

"Leaving aside the medical efficacy of the treatment, the impact on his mental health alone was enough to convince me of the plant's benefits. Imagine waking up every morning knowing the only way for your body is down, then to discover something that can actually help. A simple mouth spray with the potential to change your life. You might never get 'better', but at least you're taking control of your situation."

"Now imagine being told you can't have it. That's still the reality for far too many Australians. I came to realise that my anger towards cannabis was like hating grapes because some people become violent alcoholics. And the more I researched the industry, the more stories I found like mine."

The platform's upcoming launch will target a variety of cannabis industry stakeholders—including cultivators, distributors, researchers, manufacturers, healthcare providers, and political campaigners—and will be propped up by a broad-scope three-part analysis of the Australian cannabis industry that includes interviews with CEOs, trade organisations and politicians.

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