Mike Tyson Opens Cannabis Resort

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is opening a cannabis resort in California.

Mike Tyson takes the next step in his career as a cannabis CEO, after his retirement from boxing, former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is planning to open a 400-acre weed resort for recreational users.

Tyson is one of the many famous personalities making their way into the cannabis industry, claiming their place as the popularity of the plant grows. Others include the likes of Drake, who will be launching his company this year.

Tyson has taken a new hands-on approach with the operations of his cannabis company, Tyson Holistic Holdings established back in 2016. Since then he has changed the name to The Ranch Companies. This change goes hand in hand with his upcoming project set to open its doors in the near future.

Tyson Ranch specialises in the sale of cannabis-themed merchandise, edibles and most importantly several cannabis strains grown by partner farmers. Their most recent venture is a CBD water, called DWiiNK, that has up to 10mg of CBD infused in it. Customers have a choice of up to 5 flavours, including the "original" which is just water with the added benefits of CBD. DWiiNK has no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and will be coming to the market soon.

As seen in High Times, Vice Magazine and Rolling Stone Tyson Ranch are building quite the reputation in the cannabis industry.

Tyson has previously stated that Tyson Ranch produce is hand-trimmed and is never in contact with industrial preservation method. At Tyson Ranch, they ensure strict quality control with a focus on ensuring their strains are cultivated in an optimal environment.

"Our flower has all of the "no-brainers", no pesticides, no industrial trimming, no bugs, no-nonsense."

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Tyson and his team broke grounds on the ranch back in 2017 and have been hard at work on it since. The resort is based on a 400-acre ground in Desert Hot Springs, Califonia and will be open to those over the age of 18.

The resort is said to be a luxury getaway for cannabis users, where they can enjoy the plant at peace in an environment that caters for all stoners needs.

The resort will offer "glamping units" where guests can stay and enjoy the surrounding attractions including golf facilities, wave pool, sports arena, outdoor amphitheatre and a university like space that will teach cannabis cultivation classes for aspiring growers.
Tyson has many ambitious plans for the resort, one of which is to host annual marijuana and music festivals. As well as incorporating the world's longest lazy river around the surroundings on the resort as a fun way to get around.

Tyson had previously explained to Cannabis & Tech magazine about his recovery after fighting in the ring for over 20 years.

"I had two surgeries and I used marijuana to calm my nerves, and it would take the pain away," The boxer said that he had previously been on opiates that had him "all screwed up."
One of Tyson's main goals at the resort is to help those suffering from opiate addiction.

Taking into account the stigma that still surrounds cannabis, it remains difficult for consumers to enjoy the recreational side freely in public- without the threat of federal consequences. Instead of being restricted to smoking at home or in public places where one might not feel safe, users can enjoy a much better and safer high around like-minded individuals.

The only issue is this experience will come at a cost, prices for a stay at Tyson's cannabis resort have not yet been revealed but it can be assumed a weekend away at the ranch won't be cheap.

However, this is still a great opportunity for cannabis lovers to come together and enjoy the plant. It can be seen as a vacation possibility for consumers all around the world.

Eventually, Tyson's resort could become another California tourist attraction, bringing in additional revenue for California's already booming tourism sector.

This could be one of the best investing opportunities of 2020

Legislative changes are blowing through the US, and with it, an ever-increasing number of states legalising cannabis for recreational use.

With the success seen in Illinois, which legalised for adult-use on January 1 and saw products moving off the shelf at an unprecedented rate, this company is primed to take advantage of the booming US recreational market.

They have secured partnerships with the biggest cannabis companies in the US, and their portfolio is second to none.

And with the sector-wide pullback of 2019, this company is now at a bargain-basement price.

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