MGC's Cannabinoid Formula Shows Success Treating Brain Tumours

MGC Pharmaceuticals's novel cannabinoid combination of CBD and CBG shows signs of encouraging the cell death of glioblastoma cells.

MGC Pharmaceuticals (ASX:MXC) today announced the results of its pre-clinical in-vitro trials on glioblastoma, in which the company tested its novel cannabinoid formula against treatment-resistant, aggressive forms of brain cancer.

According to MGC's latest press release, "Glioblastoma is the most common primary brain cancer in adults accounting for approximately 75% of malignant brain tumors and one of the deadliest types of solid cancer overall."

Four years after the diagnosis of glioblastoma, the survival rate can be 6%, highlighting the necessity to find a viable treatment.

Conducted in collaboration with the National Institute of Biology and the Neurosurgery Department at the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia, MGC Pharma's recent pre-clinical results came from additional 18 patient tumour samples collected between January and August 2020.

Most excitingly, MGC's pre-clinical trials demonstrated that the cannabinoid compound CBG, or Cannabigerol, can impede the proliferation of glioblastoma, and can enhance glioblastoma cell death, even in therapy-resistant glioblastoma stem cells.

Moreover, when CBG is used in conjunction with CBD, the capacity to instigate cell death in glioblastoma doubles, due to the ability of CBD to inhibit tumours, and of CBG to trigger apoptosis (cell death.)

MGC's objective behind the preclinical in-vitro research was to define the protocols for clinical trials for the treatment of high-grade brain tumours using cannabinoids.

Following the success of the in-vitro pre-clinical trials, MGC will be designing and developing a program to continue testing on animals using a zebrafish (ZF) model with the development of cannabinoids and curcumin nanoparticles formulation.

MGC Pharma Glioblastoma

The Company is also planning rodent studies and a Phase II clinical trial in humans with submissions expected to be made in May 2021.

Roby Zomer, the Co-founder and Managing Director of MGC Pharma, commented: "The results we have seen in our preclinical work on glioblastoma have continued to be very encouraging. We are constantly learning more about the therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabinoids in the treatment of a number of medical conditions and are pleased to report that the Company will now begin preparations for the next stage of clinical trial work on glioblastoma."

To learn more about MGC Pharma, visit the company HQ here.

Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

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