MGC Pharma's 'ArtemiC' Results To Come Next Week

MGC Pharmaceuticals expects to see the complete results of its novel anti-inflammatory formula 'ArtemiC' next week.

MGC Pharmaceuticals (ASX: MXC), has today provided an update on the results of its 50 patient Phase II double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial on its natural anti-inflammatory formulation ArtemiC, which is designed to evaluate the formulas safety and efficacy on patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

ArtemiC is a natural supplement formula based on Artemisinin, Curcumin and other supporting ingredients that share anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, immune-modulatory and antioxidant properties.

The active compounds within ArtemiC have a well-known antiviral and anti-inflammatory ability, however, they typically aren't easily absorbed in the body due to their low bioavailability. In order to mitigate this, MGC has employed Swiss PharmaCan AG's patented MyCell Enhanced™ delivery system nanotechnology, to create a synergy of the materials within ArtemiC, enhancing the capabilities of the compounds within it while also improving the bioavailability and absorption.

The full results from MGC's ArtemiC trial are expected to be released within a week, and should they be successful, production of ArtemiC will begin production of the formula to MGC Pharma's GMP Certified production facility in Slovenia.

Additionally, the company has begun the registration process for ArtemiC in Russia, and has signed a sales and distribution agreement with SK-Pharma Group, for the sales and distribution of ArtemiC in Israel, Russia, and other countries.

As we've covered before, prior trials for ArtemiC have shown a lot of early success, with a pre-clinical trial conducted on mice revealing "no clinical signs of adverse reactions [to ArtemiC] from the full panel of hematology and chemistry blood tests."

Moreover, the interim analysis results from its phase II double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial on August 20th found that patients who used ArtemiC reported a significantly lower pain severity from COVID-19 than those that were given a placebo, which lends itself to MGC's goal of using ArtemiC to treat COVID-19 to lower the rate of ICU admissions in patients.

Roby Zomer, the Co-founder and Managing Director of MGC Pharma commented on the upcoming results, stating that "[MGC] continues to progress initiatives designed to fast-track pathways to market ahead of the Phase II results for ArtemiC, in order to be in a position to be responsive to potential market demand."

While Pfizer and other pharmaceutical giants are progressing quickly with their COVID-19 vaccines, anti-vaccine sentiments are also at an all-time-high, with only 50% of U.S. citizens stating that they plan to get a COVID-19 vaccine. A therapeutic formula like ArtemiC could provide the perfect solution to this problem.

To learn more about MGC Pharmaceuticals, visit their company HQ here.

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