Method Man Launches Black Focused Cannabis Brand

Wu-Tang Clan Rapper Method Man launches cannabis brand in support of the black community and black-owned dispensaries.

Cannabis certainly rules everything around Wu-Tang Clan famous rapper Method Man with the launch of his new dispensary brand called TICAL in California over the weekend.

Partnering with local growers, TICAL aims to promote conversations about racial injustice, or in other words, "take all lives into consideration".

A phrase coined in hip hop history from Method Man's solo album debut in 1994, TICAL is a credo not taken lightly by the 90s rap legend who has now transformed the word into a brand created entirely for the betterment of black community's.

First revealed last year during the Cannaramic online summit where Redman, along with more than 20 cannabis experts, participated in raising awareness for people of colour in the cannabis industry.

"My whole thing is I want to be able to help people… I definitely want to help the youth, people who can't afford medicine. It's all about helping."

"I want to help AIDS patients. I want to help people with pain and stomach disorders. If you have a sleeping disorder, I want to help you with something I would take."

"Control" appears to be the main focus for Redman, who has made it clear he does not want to help "someone else's brand and not have capital or property of that company".

"That's why you've never seen a Redman and Method Man vaper or smoking paper. We want to have control."

"Me, Snoop Dogg, B-Real, and Method Man, we're the forefather of this. So why not make money off it the right way?"

Redman highlights the issue of compliance and regulation as as "boundary that [people of colour] can't cross", citing the "big guys" that are trying to keep "the small-time guys out".

"[Big guys] know that, besides coming in and trying to raid your spot, they know a way to keep you down is to keep these laws around, [laws] that they know you can't keep up with. They want you spending your money," Redman said.

A goal that is equally shared by Method Man who wants to utilise the brand "to help bring awareness to the social, systemic and economic injustice in communities that have struggled with oppressive mass incarceration and racially-biased policing procedures".

"Help" that is also required for the roughly 1% of marijuana dispensaries in the United States that are owned by black people.

However, Method Man wasn't the first black rapper to launch a new cannabis brand this year, with Xzibit beating Wu-Tang Clan to the punch with Napalm Cannabis.

Born out of the same desire to prioritise social justice, Xzibit partners with social equity company, Greenwood Distribution, in hopes to provide people with a means of income and an opportunity for work.

"My father was a marine and recently passed away, so I'd love to be able to build something in his honour, and use Napalm as a way to give back to our veterans."

Now with the addition of the Wu-Tang Clan, that control appears to be coming in numbers, as TICAL joins the likes of musicians Drake and Snoop Dogg's partnership with Canopy Growth, and Lil Wayne's Gkua Ultra-Premium line of cannabis.

With a 20% ownership stake and US$300,000 of funding from New York-based JLS Fund, the aim for Method Man and the new company is to bring in US$3 million for an eventual nationwide rollout of the TICAL brand.

Kicking off on 12 June, TICAL sold its first cannabis strains from four black-owned dispensaries: LitCoBerner's on Height, at both Empire Dispensaries (Connect and Twin Palms), with Blunts And Moore to follow soon. 

Partnering with Californian based Clone Guy Industries, the Long Beach located company has developed three new strains "Cake," "Gelato" and "Crusher", exclusive to TICAL.

According to partial owner and operating partner, Bryan Zabinski, the use of a small grow house is part of a plan to focus on family-owned or minority-owned businesses and high-quality strains of cannabis.

So anyone who wants to toke some of Method Man's TICAL cannabis will need to head back to Cali to try some of that smoke.

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