Meet LYPHE GROUP – The Groundbreaking Cannabis Company Importing Marijuana Into the UK

The LYPHE Group is going the extra mile by heading overseas to collect cannabis prescriptions for UK patients.

We note that the subject contained in this article represents illegal activity in certain jurisdictions. Whilst we do not condone any acts which are contrary to any such laws, we understand that readers in those jurisdictions which have decriminalised cannabis may find this article of interest.

The LYPHE Group is a British cannabis company that launched in October 2019 with the goal of improving access to cannabis-based medicinal products for patients.

In an attempt to establish its presence in the European market, the LYPHE Group has brought together a diverse portfolio of leading cannabis companies, with the shared goal of developing important infrastructure and vital education platforms for both patients and doctors, overseen by experts in the industry.  

These companies held in LYPHE Group's portfolio of assets include:

  • The Academy of Medical Cannabis, which launched in November 2018 offering an online learning platform for clinicians and healthcare professionals,
  • Dispensary Green, the first online home-delivery pharmacy for medical cannabis in the UK,
  • Astral Health, which was developed as a bulk medical cannabis importation platform,
  • And Medical Cannabis Clinics, which is the UK's first chain of private clinics specialising in innovative cannabis-based healthcare.

The CEO of LYPHE Group, Dean Friday, stated that the company's launch is, "a pioneering step forward that will open up the market for import and prescribing of medical cannabis, improving access for patients in need."

"From training healthcare professionals to help them embrace this innovation in medicine, to providing the infrastructure for importation and fulfilling prescriptions, LYPHE Group supports the entire process – from consultation to delivery."

"Our integrated business model will help combat the disjointed system that currently inhibits patient access," Friday said.

And if all that wasn't enough, LYPHE Group has also begun heading to Europe to collect medical cannabis prescriptions for its patients, via its import and distribution company, Astral Health.

However, as all the necessary licenses are in place, the company's Chief Pharmacist, Chris Ashton, is able to collect them from LYPHE's supplier—The Netherland's Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC)—in Amsterdam.

For many families like mine, medical cannabis is a lifeline and yet it continues to be exceptionally difficult for patients to gain access. LYPHE GROUP's all-encompassing service is a game-changer for the industry and I'm proud to be a part of an organisation committed to driving change so that more people in need have the opportunity to access medicines with the potential to give them a better quality of life. Head of Patient Access for LYPHE Group, Hannah Deacon

The company believes this is a necessary step, as many patients that travel abroad to collect their prescriptions often find them confiscated by border security on their return.

According to Ashton, part of the issue is that medical practitioners in the UK are reluctant to accept medical research from other jurisdictions, which is holding back patient access.

"There has been no budge on what kind of evidence they would accept, even though the industry has been screaming that other medical markets have had years and years of conducting trials. The NHS and NICE won't look at research from countries that don't meet the UK's standards," Ashton said.  

"However, the positive news is that recently there have been a number of politicians saying we should look at what Israel, Canada, the US and Germany have been doing. As a nation we are quite reserved in the way that we approve medicine, and I think that there is merit to the way we do it. In the US they reschedule drugs pretty frequently. They accept a drug then, half a year later, those drugs are no more."

"Here in the UK we have a more long-winded approach, but this means the drugs we do accept are safe for patients. On this occasion, however, there is clear as day observational studies that prove validity of cannabis as a medical product that benefits specific conditions, which they are not taking note of. There is a certain degree of prejudice – but the standards we set are so high."

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Hugo Gray
Hugo Gray

Hugo Gray is a Melbourne-based journalist with a body of work that covers a diverse range of topics, including immigration law, sex technology, and now the rapidly expanding cannabis industry.

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