Medicinal Cannabis Research May Provide New Opportunities for Investors and Pharmaceutical Companies

The potential of therapeutic marijuana is undeniable. Finally, Cannabis-related research is getting funding, especially for Clinical Trials, and grant opportunities are popping up, driven by consumer demand.

In September this year, The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health, launched a Medicinal Cannabis Clinical Trials Grant Opportunity that will support Medicinal Cannabis clinical trials (check out about this grant opportunity here).

The anticipated outcome of this grant opportunity is to build the evidence-base knowledge to help medical professionals make informed decisions about the prescription of medicinal cannabis to manage and treat pain, symptoms and side-effects of cancer and cancer treatment.Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)

Robotics, computational modeling and high-throughput screenings, tools already largely used in many fields in Science, will allow the researchers to understand more about the endocannabinoid system and how all the components of marijuana work synergically to promote physiological responses.

The complexity of Cannabis pharmacology is undoubtedly mind-blowing. Scientists have already described that components of cannabis act differently when are used alone or in combination with other components of the plants.

For example, pure CBD demonstrates better activity and performance in combination with THC than when in its isolated form, and those combinations are not restricted to CBD and THC only but are widely affected by the more than 100 marijuana compounds of the whole plant extract.

This opens up a new horizon when allied to Science, as we will be able to describe and understand those combinations and synergic treatments in detail.

The possibility of a matrix where the patients can choose this personalized treatment based on their conditions and idiosyncrasy falls into the concept of individualized pharmaceutical therapy –a treatment that provides the right drug to the right patient for the right illness in the right dose at the right time.

Therefore, avoiding undesired effects and achieving the full potentiality of the treatment will be possible. 

As more knowledge is unravelling, more we can manipulate the pharmacology of the plant to treat our diseases conditions. But more than that: the more we know and understand about cannabis, the more the population will break the paradigms to accept the amazing potential of cannabis-derived medicine. 

The funds and investment in Medicinal Cannabis Research will give security for the people that are still uncomfortable with Cannabis stigma to opt for this medicine.

An evidence-based market, fully grounded in high-quality research, that will provide individualized pharmaceutical therapy that can comprise a factorial combination of cannabinoids, and non-cannabinoids compounds to reach a very specific and personalized therapy for each individual, it is just around the corner. 

With science as a trustful allied, Australia will create a solid base for Cannabis market, where all the doubts and uncertainties about Cannabis-derived Medicine and treatments can be addressed and communicated to the society, giving confidence to the patients and their families.  

This could also be a gold-mine for pharmaceutical companies that aim to enter in Cannabis market, as a wide spectrum of products, derived from factorial combinations of Cannabis compounds, will be available with lofty marketing potential.

A new era for Medicinal Cannabis is coming to Australia and with it, a whole new range of opportunities. 

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Camila Ferezin
Camila Ferezin

Camila Ferezin is a PhD student in Cell and Molecular Biology. She holds a BA in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biochemistry and has been working with Research and Development, both in the Academic environment and Pharma company. She is passionate about Science and loves to talk about Chemistry, Biology and Physics.