Massachusetts Gets Cannabis Vending Machines

A tech company named 'anna' is rolling out cannabis vending machines in dispensaries throughout the state.

Cannabis will now officially be available through vending machines. The major tech company, anna, recently announced that they will be installing cannabis vending machines throughout the state of Massachusetts.

Specialised vending machines filled with cannabis seems like a figment of a stoners imagination, however, due to the current pandemic, this outlandish idea is about to become a reality.

Cannabis dispensaries were deemed an essential service a few months back and have since implemented a number of ways that patrons can procure their goods through non-contact means. There is online ordering, delivery, and curbside pickup.

These vending machines are about to take the cake for the best non-contact methods.

The Boston-based tech company, anna, has announced that the official rollout of the cannabis vending machines will take place in September. A video from the company's website displays the prototype of the machines.

Customers can either browse online or through devices in-store to select their cannabis products. The retail assistants then verify the customer's age and unlock the cannabis kiosk.

A press release from the company details how these machines will create a more efficient shopping experience and allow retail assistants to spend more time with inexperienced customers.

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Cannabis vending machines introduced in Colorado.

In addition to Massachusetts, the tech company is introducing vending machines to dispensaries in Colorado.

The founder and CEO of anna, Matt Frost, dub these as "tricked out vending machines" that are created to fulfil marijuana orders. The first vending machine to hit the streets is located at  Strawberry Fields dispensary in central Pueblo.

Customers in Colorado can order and receive products such as flower, edibles and vape oils without having to interact with a budtender.

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic turned things upside down and wreaked havoc upon the world of retail, CEO Matt Frost saw this as an opportunity to introduce the vending machines.

Anna set up four vending machines inside Strawberry Fields and they have shown to be quite effective. Customers still need to verify their age with ID, however, the vending machines are very good at making a contactless shopping experience.

The million-dollar question now is; will this be the way of the future? Are cannabis vending machines going to replace budtenders? The long term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic may see many customers opting for a more contactless way of shopping for years to come.

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