Is Weed Legal In Nevada? | Cannabis Legalization

Is recreational cannabis legal in Nevada? Is medicinal marijuana legal in Nevada? What about Nevada's CBD laws? Find out in this article.

The Silver State, known as Nevada to some or "where Las Vegas is" to most is so much more than a couple of casinos. Playing host to Burning Man, Lake Tahoe, and Hoover Dam, you won't get bored after you spend your life savings on 26 red.

Lake Tahoe has been said to be the "Best drinking water in America" due to its good taste and purity, it's probably from the time it has spent sitting in the lake purifying. Lake Tahoe has been around for two million years if you're struggling to comprehend that amount of time, think of it as watching 730 million sunsets, does that help?

BREAKING: COVID 19 prompts panic buying in Nevada as cannabis sales soar.

Indeed these are interesting facts, but what about cannabis in Nevada? Is it legal to roll a doobie while rolling some dice at a craps table in Sin City? And how cool would Cirque Du Soleil be after hitting a joint?

Let us uncover whether weed is legal in Nevada and find out if what happens in Vegas is legal in Vegas. 

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Is recreational weed legal in Nevada?

The cannabis consensus here is yes, recreational weed is legal in Nevada and has been since January 2017. Cannabis can be purchased, possessed and consumed by those aged 21 and older. This is thanks to the Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act that was passed by Nevada voters in November 2016. So if you're planning on going to Cirque Du Soleil under the influence of weed, you're absolutely free to do so.

Since the legalisation of recreational weed it's legal to purchase up to one ounce of flower, or one-eighth of concentrate at any one time from a state authorised dispensary. Residents can also grow their own, with some provisions to keep in mind. The garden can consist of up to six plants per person or 12 plants per household and must be accompanied by some kind of security system. Home growing, however, is only allowed if the resident lives at least 25 miles away from a cannabis dispensary. Which is becoming less possible now that weed dispensaries in Nevada are popping up like weeds; pun intended.

Although recreational weed is legal in Nevada, cruising into the casinos and sparking up a joint is not advised. Smoking in public is, by all means, illegal in the state, especially on public property. If one is to consume cannabis then it must be done in a private residence. However, don't get your hopes down if you're a visitor and don't have a private residence to go to. Thanks to the inception of cannabis lounges like the Vegas Tasting Room, tourists can safely pass a blunt in a cozy cannabis-friendly space. 

So next time you head to Sin City, give the shots a pass, and pass a joint instead.

Is medicinal marijuana legal in Nevada?

Medicinal marijuana is legal in Nevada. Nevada was actually one of the first states to make cannabis legal for medical purposes. All thanks to the Medical Marijuana Initiation Act that was passed in 2000. 

Medical marijuana was rendered legal, but due to constraints, patients couldn't purchase cannabis in the state at the time of the bill passing. Those who were granted medical cards had to grow their own. This was an issue up until 2013 when Nevada finally amended the laws and approved licenses for dispensaries. After the initial adjustment period, medicinal marijuana in Nevada became easily accessible to those who qualify. In fact, Nevada was the first state to honor out-of-state medical marijuana cards. 

To qualify for a medical marijuana license in Nevada you must have a debilitating disease or suffer from severe pain. These diseases include cancer, PTSD, glaucoma, back spasms, and anxiety.

Having a medical marijuana card in Nevada permits purchases of up to 2.5 ounces of flower every 2 weeks and allows a person to grow up to 12 plants. In contrast to recreational weed laws, a medical cardholder does not need to live 25 miles away from a dispensary in order to grow their own. It's also worth noting that medicinal marijuana is exempt from the 10 percent tax in which recreational weed incurs.   

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Is CBD legal in Nevada?

Cannabis is legal for both recreational and medical use, therefore CBD is also very much legal. This applies to both hemp and cannabis-derived CBD, without restriction on the THC component. It's important to note that CBD oil from cannabis is somewhat intoxicating as it contains high levels of THC. Whereas CBD from hemp contains microscopic amounts of THC and does not alter your state of mind.

CBD can be taken orally through tinctures, oils, and edibles. It can also be inhaled with the use of vaporizers. Similar to cannabis laws in Nevada, CBD cannot be consumed outside in public. Puffing tough on that CBD vaporizer outside the Bellagio can get you a misdemeanor charge and a hefty fine. 

Just like the gold rush in Nevada back in the day, the state's CBD market is absolutely booming. In fact, Nevada has one of the most lucrative markets for CBD with annual sales accruing up to $500 million. Hemp-derived CBD can be found almost everywhere in the state, including tobacconists, liquor stores, and even designated CBD cafes. Cannabis-derived CBD can be purchased from any state authorised dispensary. 

So after a big night on the Vegas strip, it might be worth grabbing a CBD latte to help the recovery. 


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