Is Weed Legal In Nebraska

Is Weed Legal In Nebraska? Can You Access Medical Marijuana In Nebraska? Are You Able To Use Recreational Cannabis In Nebraska? Are CBD and Hemp Products Legal In Nebraska?

The least densely populated state in North America, Nebraska's population sits at around 1.8 million with a majority of its citizens living in rural townships. Nebraska's name originates from the Otoe Indian term for flat water, in reference to the Platte River. While the 'Cornhusker State' boasts magnificent expanses of Acer tree forests, it also hosts the largest indoor rainforest which exhibits flora from across the globe.

The state has had a historically fruitless experience in marijuana legalisation, but with surrounding states taking the initiative to legalise medical cannabis, there is still an opportunity for Nebraska to take similar action.

Can You Access Medical Marijuana In Nebraska?

As of February 2021, a proposed bill to legalise medical marijuana was approved by members of the Judiciary Committee in a 5-2 vote. This will move the bill to a public vote by 2022.

The bill had been proposed by long-standing medical marijuana advocates Adam Morfeld and Anna Wishart (Both democratic representatives) with the intention of providing people with qualifying medical conditions access to an organised and medical marijuana system. This legislature aims to simultaneously deal with the countries opioid crisis by providing patients with alternative pain relief options in medical marijuana.  

A safe, regulated system that incentivizes people to work with their health care provider to determine when cannabis may be the right decision for medical purposes. – Democratic Representative Anna Wishart

 The bill includes conditions like:

– Chronic pain


– Cancer

– Epilepsy

 While an excellent start to the state's legalisation process, bill LB474 has many restrictions in place, only offering patients basic access to medical marijuana. Cannabis products that contain more than 2,000 milligrams of THC are prohibited and patients are limited to possession of 2.5 ounces. The program also does not require healthcare funds and insurance companies to cover the costs for their patients.

Where In The State Of Nebraska Can You Purchase Medical Marijuana?

While the state is looking to legalise medical cannabis, many of its eager cultivators and farmers have already begun preparations to establish a market in the state's largest city, Omaha. Leafly provides potential patients with the resources and information needed to find a medical cannabis dispensary.

The site lists at least four primary producers in the city of Omaha:

– Vertical

– Mother Dispensaries – St. Joseph Dispensary

– Bloom Medicinal – Cameron Dispensary

– BesaMe Wellness – Gallatin

Growing frustrations around the legality of medical and recreational marijuana in Nebraska has ironically created a digital and physical space for individuals to commune and share experience. 'We Be high' was established with the intention of providing potential patients and users with easy and affordable access to marijuana. It's almost entirely community-driven and recommendations are given based on previous experiences. Frequent posters to the space indicate the price range of marijuana in the states fluctuates between $20 and $60.

Are You Able To Use Recreational Cannabis In Nebraska?

Like many other states that have yet to decriminalise cannabis, Nebraska first outlawed the plant in 1927 during the infamous prohibition era of the late 1920s. The state has historically seen changes made to the level of severity regarding marijuana possession. By 1969 the penalty had been reduced to a short gaol term and come 1979 individuals in possession of small quantities of cannabis received a civil infraction.

Unfortunately, recreational cannabis has a long way before it makes its way into voting. There is fierce opposition to any bill regarding marijuana legalisation in Nebraska, including the state's own governor Pete Ricketts. Rickets as well as a majority of republican representatives indicate a downward spiral upon legalising medical and recreational marijuana.

If you legalize marijuana, you're going to kill your kids. That's what the data shows from around the country. – Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts.

Are CBD and Hemp products Legal In Nebraska?

Like many other states, Nebraska has established a hemp and CBD oil industry. Under strict regulation, CBD products can be produced and sold across the state. Introduced and signed in 2019, the 'Nebraska Hemp Farming Act' created a system of guidelines for the production of hemp-related products, indicating that CBD goods must contain a THC content under 0.3%.

'The Farming Act' also requires commercial Hemp and CBD producers to fulfil stringent licencing and rest requirements. Before products can reach customers, they must go through a thorough testing process done by a separate testing facility. Penalties for non-compliance are hefty, with a maximum fine of $25, 0000 and potential gaol time.

How Could Nebraska Benefit From Cannabis Legalisation? 

Aside from the immediate effects of cannabis legalisation for patients across Nebraska, there are state-wide benefits that come with establishing a well monitored and accessible cannabis program.

A sustainable cannabis industry creates enormous job opportunities, which vary from sales work in dispensaries to commercial growing and research. In states like Colorado, where marijuana has been legalised medicinally and recreationally, the market saw an employment spike of over 40,000 people. The state recorded an income of over $200 million in August of 2020 alone.

Like many other states, supporters of cannabis legalisation in Nebraska testify to the injustice behind indicting an individual on a marijuana charge. Across the US, it is estimated that over 41,000 individuals have been prosecuted on marijuana charges, putting an immense strain on taxpayers to support the growing prison population. Previously proposed bills, such as bill 481, stipulate the removal of previous convictions of possession and aims to lessen the sentences of more severe marijuana-related crimes.

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