Introduction to Dab Rigs: What You Need to Know About Them

Cannabis has become the trending species to enjoy for many beneficial reasons. The substance is ingested through different means such as bongs, pipes, blunts, joints, tea, herbal drinks, and dab rigs. Dab rigs have become the best way to consume cannabis and enjoy the effect fully at minimum risk. The accessory is used to burn concentrate or wax dabs such as small pipes, water pipes, and bongs. The components are the stem and chamber section for those that hold water. The rings are popular because they are clean and pure with no harsh or smoke odor. Many smokers experience a potent and tasty feeling.

Dab has different parts such as the rig or chamber, dab tool, blowtorch, and nail. The nail is constructed with glass, ceramic, titanium, or quartz and fixed to the rig stem. Wax is burnt on the dapper to take a hit. You start by heating the wax to burnt before dragging. This article contains things you should note about dab rigs.

1. What is a Dab?

New dabbers may be confused about what a dab rig is. The equipment is a glass chamber constructed with a nail or banger for dabbing cannabis. The equipment is a bit different from the traditional bong. The price and processes involved in setting a dab may be tedious to a new user, but the experience will change all of that. The hit is heavy, with terpene flavors created for dab usage. 

The trending dab is constructed with a glass piece, torch, carb, and nail. The carb caps burnt at lower temperatures and hold vapor for longer. This particular type of dab, which you can find at online stores like Canna Cabana, is recommended for beginner dabbers who would like to maximize their experience in dabbing and get the most benefits out of it.

2. Types of Dab Rigs

Dabs are in many types, such as:

Glass dab rigs are the popular and first types with a borosilicate glass material. Its long existence has evolved in shapes and sizes. Good for new smokers, quality and value, and different flavors.

The mini dab rigs are created like traditional rigs but smaller in size. Good for punch and smoothness with attractive styles and curves; small fellows, portability, and discreet dabber.

Silicone Rigs are convenient and cheaper than others. Used with quartz or glass types. You can dismantle some for cleaning and transportation. Best for its durability, ease of maintenance, and variety of colors.

Recycler Rigs are created in an hourglass shape, enabling the recycle feature. They are different sizes, long or small. Best for smooth dabbing, designed glass, and high quality.

E-Rigs are user-friendly and portable. They have adjustable temperature and heat settings. The battery is rechargeable and rapidly heats the wax. Best for quick dabbing, temperature control, portability, and battery durability.

3. Size

The sizes are typically small. The size makes the hit vapor instead of smoke, unlike dry herbs. It has no long neck and may be similar to bong designs. The rigs are usually 11 inches and below. Nano rings are trending because of the combination of filtration innovations like the honeycombs or barrel. Even the cheapest rig has a filtration system to break down and add color to the vapor from the heated nail.

4. Price

Rigs are at affordable prices ranging from $10-50. The value is credible at its low price. They look like a mini water pipe.

High-End Dab Rigs

These rigs cost from $60-200 with a splurging experience. The accessories are well-crafted and have higher performance. Constructed from thicker borosilicate glass, stunning welds, and fully functional.

MOB Glass The Queen Recycler Dab Rig ($149.99)

These types cost between $135-150, have unique craftsmanship and a symmetrical appearance, and are fully functional. The equipment is made with a percolator to produce smooth, milky hits.

Heady Dab Rigs

Heady rigs go from $300 above. The dab is customized to fit individual dabbers and is rare in the market. A customized dab is used by a certain individual for life.

5. Maintenance

Maintaining the dab is easy, and you can do it with these few steps. The nail usually contains the oil wax from heated cannabis and CBD substance. Clean with wool to remove oil residue creating a clean flavored dab. You can clean with alcohol such as isopropyl alcohol which has a potent solvent for hardening stains caused by oil residues. Soak in alcohol if a waxing can't do the job. The alcohol breaks down the residue making it easy to wipe with wool. Rinse and dry to remove alcohol residue to avoid inflammation.

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