Interview with Dazey CEO Tori Bodin

The female-run Dazey aim to bring CBD products into the everyday. Based in Seattle, Dazey sell organically grown, full spectrum products. We chat to CEO Tori Bodin about the industry, visits to SanFran and company values.

We note that the subject contained in this article represents illegal activity in certain jurisdictions. Whilst we do not condone any acts which are contrary to any such laws, we understand that readers in those jurisdictions which have decriminalised cannabis may find this article of interest.

What drew you to CBD products?

I was first introduced to CBD by a co-worker while working at Amazon. I was feeling particularly stressed and overwhelmed in the role I was in and felt I was overdoing it on both caffeine intake at the beginning of the day and alcohol intake at the end of the day. She recommended I try CBD and I found some at a natural foods store in Seattle.

Over the next few weeks I found myself needing less coffee (and feeling less jittery when I drank it) and I ended my days without feeling like I needed a glass of wine to decompress. I felt more alert and I was managing my work priorities from a much healthier mental space. I continued to take the CBD but eventually grew tired of the taste after some time (it was mint chocolate flavored) so I set out to find a CBD without any flavoring.

At the time there were not as many options as you see today and I ended up finding the farm we partner with now in Oregon. They had the best tasting CBD I had ever tried – no flavors, no additives – and my friends and co-workers loved it just as much as I did. That's when we realized that there was not only demand for a versatile CBD that you could enjoy in food, drinks, and topicals but that there was also demand for a brand that showcased CBD as a modern wellness solution with fun, approachable branding.

I enlisted my best friend Emily, who is an incredibly talented designer with an eye for gorgeous branding, and Dazey was born just a few months later.

How do your company's values inform the products you sell and the information you make available on your website?

First and foremost we believe in quality and transparency, so education is the main pillar of our company values.

The CBD market is still largely unregulated when it comes to labeling and testing requirements, so one of the first pieces of content we added to our website was Dazey's Guide to CBD. It is a short and digestible guide on what CBD is and what to look for when buying it, and it even caught the eye of a Seattle publisher that offered us the opportunity to author 'CBD & Chill', the book we are releasing this August which is full of educational content and over 75 CBD recipes.

We're also always collecting common customer questions and answering them on our website, and we make sure our product ingredients and testing results are easy to locate on every product page.

What are your thoughts on female representation in the CBD market? Why is female representation important in this nascent industry?

I love that so many women have entered into the CBD and cannabis space. We juggle so much in our roles as partners, employees, mentors, mothers, friends; the list goes on.

We've seen CBD bring balance to so many women in a natural way and sharing those experiences first-hand with one another is opening conversations on cannabis-use and reducing outdated stigmas. Not to mention CBD is great for things like cramps or migraines – the latter of which women suffer from 3x more than men.

San Francisco has always been a forward-thinking city. How have working visits shaped your business?

One of the first markets we attended was West Coast Craft in San Francisco. We were a brand new business and it was the first time we were able to interact with customers one-on-one to answer questions and offer samples.

Since CBD was more familiar with San Franciscans, it was really interesting to hear about their existing experiences with CBD, what they were looking for, and how impressed they were with Dazey when they tried it.

We left that weekend more confident in our brand and product than ever before and we started developing our Dream Cream shortly after based on the multiple requests for a highly concentrated CBD cream that didn't smell like menthol.

How do you personally use CBD products in your day-to-day life?

I start every day with about 15mg of CBD and usually take a second dose around 3pm when my energy starts to wane. I take another 25mg if I am experiencing a headache or having trouble sleeping as well. Topically, I use our Green Tansy face oil and Dune body oil daily.

I have really sensitive skin and both work miracles on my inflammation and redness. If my wrists hurt after hours on the computer, I reach for Dream Cream, and more recently I've been using our new Mango Cooling Gel after sun exposure – coming soon!

Where do you see the future of CBD products in the US and across the world?

There is so much active research and clinical studies on CBD and other cannabinoids, so I'm most excited for those to publish and teach us more about the scientific ways in which cannabis affects our bodies and skin.

I'm also excited about hemp as an alternative source for plastics and as an eco-friendly paper alternative. We just finished creating boxes for each of our products out of hemp and the potential for other uses is really unlimited.

Many people don't realize that when CBD became federally legal, it wasn't just ingestibles and beauty products. It was also the first time other manufacturers could start buying and experimenting with hemp as well. The future is very exciting.

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