Innovation is Key – CropLogic Provides Update on Hemp Farm

Last month, CropLogic announced that their hemp farm had begun to flower. Now, the company has provided an update on their unique cultivation techniques and the progress of the farm.

CropLogic Limited (ASX: CLI) has just released an update on their trial hemp farm in Central Oregon, which began to flower in September and is expected to yield 1 million pounds of hemp biomass.

The company states that the trial farm is "progressing on schedule," with the first shipment of biomass expected to occur toward the end of this month. The company's purpose for the hemp farm, beyond producing a large mass of CBD, is to trial its unique growing methodologies, which is explained in the update.

CropLogic and the professional crew at LogicalCropping have all demonstrated the application of CropLogic's agronomy, farm management and agtech expertise. James Cooper-Jones , CEO of CropLogic Limited

Through a partnership with experienced Oregonian agriculturalists The Shephard Brothers, CropLogic is growing premium CBD hemp trimmed flower, a hemp form which is modelled to bring in a significantly higher return on investment than ordinary hemp biomass.

The decision to grow hemp trimmed flower in addition to ordinary hemp reflects CropLogic's desire to trial different cropping methodologies, and can be achieved through six steps:

  1. Harvest – The harvesting of hemp trimmed flower involves hand trimming the plants. To date, 14 of the 16.6 acres of the hemp farm have been hand cut.
  2. Hanging – Hanging is the process of hanging the plants on lines in shedding. All 14 acres harvested are currently hanging in shedding.
  3. Drying – Drying the plant is thought to take 7-10 days, through the use of fans and dehumidifiers. All 14 acres harvested are drying adequately.
  4. Bucking – Bucking is the process of mechanically separating the flower from the stem.
  5. Trimming – Trimming is the process of mechanically trimming the hairs or small leaves around the flower.
  6. Packaging – Packaging is the process of packaging for sale.

The company also provided an update on their hemp biomass farm, which has now been cut, a process also known as swathing. The farm has since entered the drying process, which means that the irrigation systems have been turned off to facilitate this. CropLogic went on to mention that the farm has enjoyed warm weather with low humidity, which is greatly aiding the drying process. The company estimates that drying will take 5-7 days.

Two combine harvesters have also begun the process of combining (chopping biomass with combine harvesters) which the company states is producing material "of good consistency." CropLogic expects to begin milling the biomass further, also known as "brushing," over the next few weeks.

Overall, CLI states the farm is "progressing well and the harvesting methodologies are proving effective."

CropLogic is targetting a 10% CBD rate in the hemp biomass and remains confident these rates can be achieved, with no weather concerns arising over the next 14 days.

"Harvesting is on track to be completed as scheduled," said CEO James Cooper-Jones, "As the cropping cycle comes to a close, the Hemp Trial Farm has provided a strong understanding of Hemp agronomy and farm management which has been added to CropLogic's playbook for any eventual regional and international expansion."

You can read more about CropLogic at their company HQ here, and read the full press release here.

Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Disclaimer: past performance is not an indicator of future performance
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