Impression Healthcare Secures Product Supply Deal and Strengthens Advisory Team

There was big news from Impression Healthcare today, after the company strengthened its Medical Advisory Board and announced a deal to supply Air Liquide Healthcare Australia with Sleep Apnoea devices.


Impression Healthcare Limited (ASX:IHL) made several key announcements today, with the biggest being the closing of a product supply agreement with Air Liquide Healthcare Pty Ltd,  for an initial period of 5 years.

Impression Healthcare will now supply Air Liquide Healthcare (ALH) with its Sleep Guardian 'Silensor' and 'Dorsal' mandibular advancement devices, which will then be distributed to ALH's to a network of 180 sleep clinics located throughout Australia.

The deal gives Impression Healthcare exclusivity over all devices—that make use of dental impressions—that are used within AHL clinics.

"We're delighted to enter such an impactful partnership with Air Liquide Healthcare Australia to further grow the partnerships and revenue potential of our oral devices division. This agreement demonstrates our commitment to ameliorating sleep apnoea and ALH is the perfect partner for us due to its extensive collective experience and networks related to the treatment of sleep apnoea in Australia, and we are now a strong part of ALH's product mix."

– Managing Director and CEO of Impression Healthcare, Joel Latham

This is big news for IHL investors, as Air Liquide Healthcare conducts 12,000 sleep assessments per annum, with approximately 50% of assessments resulting in the recommendation of a mandibular advancement device.

The company has also made two key clinical appointments to its management team, adding Dr Rondhir Jithoo—a leading neurosurgeon based at the Alfred hospital in Melbourne and research fellow at the National Trauma Research Institute—and Dr Simon Hinckfuss, a leading periodontal specialist who is an experienced clinician, educator, researcher and celebrity TV dental specialist.

These appointments should prove advantageous for the company, as both Jithoo and Hinckfuss are considered to be key opinion leaders in their respective fields of Traumatic Brain Injuries and Periodontal Disease.

Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Beginning 1 September, both advisors will assist the company with all facets of the TBI and periodontitis clinical trials, procuring funding grants, product development, presenting research findings at conferences/clinical meetings and assisting with research documentation.

The Chief Medical Officer and non-executive director of IHL, Dr Sud Agarwal, was bullish about the new appointments, saying that "Dr Jithoo and Dr Hinckfuss are globally renowned experts within their respective clinical fields."

"They both bring extensive expertise to assist with designing and researching the traumatic brain injury and periodontitis clinical assets."

"As key opinion leaders within their craft groups, the significant authority and gravitas they hold will underpin our strategy to deliver unique, IP-defendable products to the marketplace," Agarwal said.


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Hugo Gray

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