High Tide Enters Into $10M Loan Agreement To Expand Into Ontario

High Tide has entered into a credit facility in order to fulfill its corporate objectives for 2020, which includes expanding into Ontario as the largest cannabis market in Canada.

High Tide Inc. (CSE:HITI), a retail-focused cannabis corporation enhanced by the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of smoking accessories and cannabis lifestyle products, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a loan agreement (the "Loan Agreement") with Windsor Private Capital ("Windsor"), a Toronto-based merchant bank, to secure a senior secured, non-revolving term credit facility (the "Facility") in the amount of up to $10 million. The Facility, which represents Windsor's first investment in the cannabis industry, provides High Tide with the needed flexibility to carry out its corporate objectives for 2020, which includes expanding into Ontario as the largest cannabis market in Canada. High Tide intends to use the Facility to fund the acquisition and build-out of retail cannabis stores in Alberta and Ontario, as well as for general working capital purposes.

We are thrilled to have established a significant financial relationship with Windsor Private Capital. This credit facility ensures High Tide will have access to sufficient and timely capital to execute on its corporate strategy and maximize shareholder value in 2020. Raj Grover, High Tide's President & Chief Executive Officer.

Grover went on to say that "we welcome the opportunity to be a partner to High Tide, providing the financial capital and flexibility High Tide needs to achieve its growth potential this year. High Tide has executed well on its growth strategy to date, and with our funding, we believe it is well-positioned to build upon its position as one of Canada's leading retailers of licensed cannabis products and accessories," added Jordan Kupinsky, Windsor's Senior Vice President & Managing Director.

The Facility, which will become effective upon completion of customary conditions, has an initial term of one year and provides High Tide with immediate access to an initial $6 million (the "Initial Facility Amount") in working capital, that can be drawn down at High Tide's discretion, and subject to satisfaction of certain conditions, will provide High Tide with access to an additional $4 million (the "Remaining Facility Amount"). Amounts drawn down under the Facility will bear interest at a rate of 11.5% per annum, payable monthly, in arrears, on the last day of each calendar month. Provided that certain conditions are satisfied, the Facility will automatically extend for an additional one-year term.

The principal amount advanced under the Facility is convertible, during its term at any time after an initial 6 month hold period, and at Windsor's option, into common shares in the capital of High Tide ("Shares") at a conversion price of $0.17 (the "Conversion Price"). The Conversion Price is subject to downward adjustment if High Tide, at any time during the term of the Facility, issues securities at a price deemed lower than the conversion price then in effect.

Pursuant to the Loan Agreement, Windsor is entitled to a one-time placement fee equal to 3.5% of the Initial Facility Amount, which High Tide intends to capitalize into the principal amount advanced under the Facility. In addition, High Tide will issue to Windsor such number of Share purchase warrants (the "Warrants") equal to the aggregate principal amount of the Facility divided by the Conversion Price. The Warrants will be subject to vesting as follows: (i) with respect to such number of Warrants equal to the Initial Facility Amount divided by the Conversion Price, such Warrants will vest on the earlier of the date on which Windsor advances to the Company the total Initial Facility Amount, and February 6, 2020, and (ii) with respect to the remaining Warrants, such number of Warrants equal to the quotient obtained by dividing the principal amount advanced to the Company (from the Remaining Facility Amount) by the Conversion Price, will vest on the date of each such advance. Each Warrant will entitle the holder thereof, following the vesting date applicable to such Warrant, to acquire one Share at an exercise price equal to 150% of the Conversion Price per Share for a period of two years from the date of issuance.

To learn more about High Tide, visit their company HQ here.

Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

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