Happy 4/20!

Stoners rejoice, it's that time of the year again. The official day of cannabis is here.

420 is the (un)official day of cannabis aficionados globally and signals a time to spark up for those who are into weed.

The name derives from a Californian group of students in Marin County named the 'Waldos' who would meet regularly at 4:20pm at a statue of Louis Pasteur at San Rafael High school in search of a rumoured cannabis plant that grew within the school grounds.

The Waldos would frequently use the code word '420' to inform one another when they would be searching for the plant until eventually the term simply became a code for sparking up. Eventually, the phrase caught alight and found its way into the holy grail of cannabis, 'High Times' magazine.

Now, on the 20th day of the fourth month (April 20th) each year, the ever-growing cannabis community celebrates their love for the plant.

For the more dedicated fans of cannabis, 420 falls at precisely 4:20PM every single day, but that's a different story entirely.

As cannabis has become increasingly legal across the world, 4/20 is a time of discounted prices in dispensaries, new product launches, and booming sales. Even organizations outside of the cannabis industry pay homage to cannabis on 4/20 now, with video game franchises like Call of Duty releasing a cannabis skin for players on the day.

Although COVID-19 lockdowns had put a damper on last years 4/20 celebrations, dispensaries still saw record sales, in part due to innovative changes made to the process of purchasing cannabis.

Cannabis delivery services came into effect, as well as contactless purchases at dispensaries, where customers would wait outside the store and have their cannabis brought out to them. Companies like WeedMaps set up virtual cannabis events, and on the whole, the industry proved that it was one to be taken seriously.

Governments took note of the malleability and endurance of the cannabis industry at this time, deeming dispensaries to be one of the few "essential" stores left open, meaning that cannabis stores saw a further increase in sales despite the pandemic.

Here in Australia, we are several hours ahead of most countries that have legalized cannabis, and so we will be waiting with bated breath to see what this years 4/20 looks like in countries like Canada and the U.S.

4/20 serves as a heartbeat monitor for the industry, and this year, we predict that heartbeat will be stronger than ever.

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Louis O'Neill
Louis O'Neill

Louis is a writer based in Sydney with a focus on social and political issues. Having interviewed local politicians and entrepreneurs, Louis now focuses on cannabis culture, legislation & reform.