Guess Who's Back? Matt Callahan Rejoins Botanix

Matt Callahan will be re-joining the Botanix Board as an Executive Director, while Rob Towner will step down from his role as Non-Executive Director.

Following his temporary leave of absence on August 23rd, 2019, Matt Callahan has rejoined the board as an Executive Director on Botanix Pharma (ASX:BOT).

Mr. Callahan returns to Botanix at the perfect time, as the company is buzzing with activity. Botanix is preparing for the end of its Phase 2 meeting with the FDA regarding its flagship Acne drug BTX 1503 study, as well as the near-completion of Botanix's BTX 1204 Phase 2 atopic dermatitis study.

Furthermore, the company recently kicked off its new Phase 1b rosacea study, with its antimicrobial product, BTX 1801, expected to enter Phase 2 clinical study in the near term.

On Matt's Return, Vince Ippolito, the President and Executive Chairman of Botanix commented: "We are delighted to have Matt rejoin the Board and look forward to working together as Botanix approaches multiple significant clinical development milestones this year."

The announcement that Mr. Callahan would be returning was also coupled with the fact that Rob Towner would be stepping down from his role as Non-Executive Director. On this, Mr. Ippolito commented:

"On behalf of the Botanix Board, I would like to thank Rob for his invaluable contribution since the Company's inception. His contribution is greatly appreciated by the Company and he leaves on excellent terms. We wish him success in his future ventures going forward."

Rob Towner has been a director of the Company since July 2016 and filed his resignation as a Non-Executive Director effective from the 11th of February 2020.

Mr. Towner has left Botanix in order to maintain focus on his other director positions, such as for Triangle Energy Limited, of which he is currently the Managing Director. On his departure, Rob Towner said: "Botanix has rapidly evolved since I came onboard in mid-2016. It has achieved an enormous amount in that time and look forward to the Botanix team continuing to drive and achieve key clinical milestones in the near future."

To learn more about Botanix Pharma visit their company HQ here.

Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

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Louis O'Neill

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