Girl Scout Cookies Strain Profile & Effects

Why is everyone trying to get a bite of the Girl Scout Cookie? Find out why it's such a sweet treat.

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Girl Scout Cookies Strain has a reputation for bringing people joy with its sweet flavours and the strain is no different! This indica dominant hybrid is known for its sweet fruity smell and flavour, while its effects leave users uplifted, relaxed and happy. Perfect as an after-dinner snack or as a nightcap, Girl Scout Cookies Strain is an award-winning strain that provides body-encapsulating euphoria from the strain's high THC content.

Girl Scout Cookies can leave users in joyful bliss, with episodes of laughter without the presence of anxiety. This hybrid's mind high can also induce creativity and increase alertness thanks to its strong cerebral effects. However, this strain also sedates the body into couchlock and induce munchies. Users in need of medicinal properties are in luck! This strain is a great stress and pain reliever. It's no wonder that users find this strain such a sweet treat.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Details

Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid strain (a mixture of indica and sativa) created by the well-renowned Cookie Family. Due to legal reasons, it is now more commonly known by its abbreviation GSC.

This strain is a combination of the already popular strains Durban Poison and OG Kush, a strain that is the backbone of many West Coast cannabis creations. The OG Kush strain is a non-intrusive indica with relaxing effects, while Durban Poison is a sativa that produces an uplifting and stimulating high. These traits have been passed on to the GSC strain, with many consumers enjoying its well-balanced high. 

The Girl Scout Cookies Strain has won many accolades since propagation, performing strongly at numerous Cannabis Cup awards. Its most famous achievement is winning Best Hybrid Flower at the 2013 Southern California Cannabis Cup. The balanced high, enjoyable effects and agreeable flavour of this strain make GSC an absolute cult classic.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Effects

The THC content of the GSC strain ranges from around 16-21%. This makes it fairly potent without being as overbearing as other THC-dominant strains. Euphoria and relaxation are common effects induced by the THC, while feelings of paranoia or anxiety are unlikely to be present. Although this is the case, the THC content is still considered reasonably high for novice consumers, so as always caution is advised. There are no relevant amounts of CBD are found in this strain.

Some hybrids inherit a few negative traits from their parents, but GSC is an attempt to maximise all the benefits. With this strain, the typical effects experienced from the consumption of an indica strain, such as relaxation, sluggishness, sleepiness and euphoria are balanced by strong cerebral effects such as alertness, energy and creativity. The result of this equilibrium between indica and sativa effects is an enjoyable body high and stimulating mind high.

After consumption, users will most likely be confined to their couch, as tingly waves of relaxation and euphoria descend through the body. Bouts of giddiness will occur throughout the course of the high that can result in minor giggling fits. This is counter-balanced by profound introspection, as these two mental states ebb and flow with each other.

The cerebral effects are engaging and can boost creativity, however, due to the potent tranquillising effects, motivation to accomplish anything can be hard to come by. This strain is best suited for consumption in the evening or just before bed, as opposed to during the day. 

The Girl Scout Cookies Strain is a popular one amongst medical cannabis consumers, as some of these effects are seen as beneficial. As with many other strains, the most prominent medical benefit of GSC is its ability to alleviate chronic pains and aches, inflammation, muscle tension and cramps. With its mood-lifting effects, this strain also works as a stress reliever, helping to quell minor feelings of stress and anxiety.

This strain's sedative properties aid these benefits and in some cases can help with insomnia. While this isn't its primary use, some users consume this strain before bed to manage stress and pain in order to get a good night's sleep. The 'munchies' are a common effect of the Girl Scout Cookies Strain, so this strain has also seen use as an appetite stimulant for those who have lost their appetite to disease, medication or chemotherapy.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Appearance, Smell & Taste

The GSC plant has multiples branches and an impressive flower. This strain is short in stature, which is typical for strains with an Indica lineage and it has a tight internodal structure. This structure creates GSC's iconic spear-shaped flowers that have twisting green and lavender calyxes. These calyxes are wrapped in purple leaves and are adorned by fiery orange pistils.

The terpenes contained within the GSC strain are caryophyllene (peppery), limonene (citrusy) and humulene (hoppy), which give it a similar aromatic profile to other sweet-smelling strains, such as the Gelato strain. Buds of this strain have a sweet and earthy aroma on the outside, with a sweeter and spicy scent discovered once these buds are broken apart or ground up. 

One of GSC's most desirable attributes is its taste. Similar to its aroma, its flavour is reminiscent of freshly oven-baked cookies. This strain is likely to taste pleasant no matter which variant you stumble upon. Some variants of this strain are sweeter and have a candy-like taste, while others have a more earthy and spicy profile. The cookie-like taste of this strain is more prominent when vaporised rather than smoked and many vaporiser companies in the US offer GSC in oil or shatter compositions.

Availability of Girl Scout Cookies Strain

The GSC strain was originally cultivated in the Bay Area, California by the pioneers at the Cookie Family. Some of their creations are extremely exclusive and hard to find outside of California, but GSC is not one of these. Due to its history and popularity, GSC is available for purchase from dispensaries in most legal states in the US and Canada. It is also popular in Amsterdam and can be found in certain coffeeshops. This availability means that this strain is relatively cheap, costing around $15-$20 AUD for a gram.

Two other GSC phenotypes cultivated by the Cookie Family are Platinum GSC and Thin Mints. These strains ARE extremely exclusive and hard to come by outside of California, although a few very select coffeeshops in Amsterdam may stock them. Due to their exclusivity, these strains are expensive and should only be considered by cannabis connoisseurs or those wanting to try a boutique strain. If you are looking to branch out from the GSC family, some similar strains are Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, Original Glue and the Gelato strain, which has Thin Mints as one of its parents.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain has a sweet-sounding name, desirable smell and taste and is relatively inexpensive. With its well-balanced high and numerous medical benefits to boot, this strain puts together an impressive overall package. GSC is highly regarded and looks set to be a staple strain for many cannabis consumers now and in the future. Much like its contemporary Original Glue, this strain isn't just popular in 2020, it's an all-timer.


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