ExHemplary Efforts – Croplogic Hemp Farm Begins to Flower

CropLogic hits the halfway point on their eight-step plan to dominate the hemp game.

CropLogic Limited (ASX: CLI) (CropLogic or Company), award-winning global agronomy, farm management and agtech company, has announced that its Hemp Trial Farm in Central Oregon has entered the fourth stage of development as the plants have begun to flower.

This puts the company at stage four of their eight-step hemp farming plan, with Compliance Testing, Harvesting, Processing/Selling, and Post-Harvest on the horizon.

CropLogic is encouraged to see its agronomy, farm management and agtech expertise come together in this manner as the Hemp Trial Farm moves to the fourth stage of flowering. CropLogic CEO James Cooper-Jones

Cooper-Jones went on to say that this next stage of development will "add greatly to not only our Hemp Trial Farm but [to] the ability of CropLogic to offer this agronomy, farm management and agtech expertise to the hemp industry generally."

A LogicalCropping employee evaluating crop growth on Field Draco.

Grow Big or Go Home

In order to maximize their yield, CropLogic has employed a series of innovative strategies that may separate them from other hemp cultivators. One such example is Christmas Tree spacing.

When cultivated, hemp is traditionally crammed altogether on a farm in order to maximize its growth as each plant fights for sunlight.

While this method yields more stalk, from which fiber can be extracted, CropLogic has instead adopted the '

Christmas Tree approach.' This simply refers to when plants are set further apart in order to give them room to grow laterally and maximize their flowering. This is beneficial for CropLogic as flowers are where the highest CBD content is found.

In order to monitor this spacing method and its efficacy, CropLogic utilizes Real-Time aerial imagery via drones which allows the company to have eyes on their crops 24/7.

Additionally, to ensure their crops aren't beholden to weather patterns, CropLogic uses autoflower seeds which will flower after a set amount of days, rather than through a set amount of sunlight. While autoflower seeds often provide a lower yield than conventional seeds, they aren't dependent upon season and thus will give the company a consistency in their yield all year round.

"Harvesting of CBD producing hemp at our 500-acre Hemp Trial Farm in Central Oregon is on track to commence late September and run through October." CropLogic CEO James Cooper-Jones, reported in a recent interview with Proactive Investors2 , "Drone footage of the crop shows advanced growth and the plants in flower."

The farm is expected to produce around 1 million pounds of hemp biomass, the starting point for all CBD (full spectrum or CBD-isolates) which can be sold at a market-related value of US$35 per pound.

And as many reading this will know, the CBD industry is expected to skyrocket in the coming years.

CropLogic has strategically positioned itself in the epicenter of the growing hemp and CBD industries, and with its innovative methods, they may see big yields in the coming month.

For all these reasons, here at The Green Fund, we remain bullish on this AgTech company.

Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

To learn more about CropLogic visit them here.

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