Curaleaf Launches New Products

Curaleaf Releases its Select Nano Gummies in California and its Line of Select Elite Live Cartridges in Nevada.

Curaleaf Holdings (CSE: CURA), a leading vertically integrated cannabis operator in the United States, today launched its Select Nano Gummies in California and its line of Select Elite Live cartridges in Nevada. Select, America's #1 Cannabis Oil Brand, is a West Coast lifestyle brand that was acquired by Curaleaf in February 2020.

Utilizing nano-emulsion technology, Select Nano Gummies are infused with small, water-soluble cannabinoids that allow for faster, more efficient cannabinoid consumption when compared to traditional edibles. Due to its precise and calibrated effects, Select Nano products are an optimal solution for those who are looking to try edibles for the first time, or for those seeking alternative forms of consumption. Select Nano Gummies are now available in five states, including Arizona, California, Maine Massachusetts and Nevada. The Company looks forward to releasing Nano Gummies in additional states, including Colorado and Maryland, by the end of the year.

Select Elite Live cartridges, which launched in Nevada today, contain high-quality, broad-spectrum THC oil enhanced with live-resin extract. Created with a proprietary technology that refines fresh frozen flower, Select Elite Live is designed to capture more essence of the living plant and higher terpene content. Each cartridge is formulated to represent the plant's full profile as much as possible, allowing consumers and patients experience true-to-strain flavors and effects. Select Elite Live cartridges can now be found in eight states including Arizona and California and will be available by the end of the year in Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania and Utah.

We are thrilled to bring Select's scientifically formulated Nano Gummies and Elite Live to both states as we expand our portfolio and provide entry points for new consumers.Joe Bayern, President of Curaleaf

"The latest product expansion of Select in California and Nevada speaks to Curaleaf's commitment to providing both medical patients and adult-use customers with accessibility to innovative, high-quality cannabis products," said Joe Bayern, President of Curaleaf.

Select maintains peak industry-standard practices for quality control to ensure the overall efficacy and the best
product experience possible. As a recognized industry leader, Select has gained popularity in both medical and adult-use markets, and will be available in 14 states by October of 2020, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oklahoma and Oregon. With launches scheduled for New York and Ohio next, Select is on track to become the first nationally recognized consumer cannabis brand.

To find out more about Curaleaf, visit their company HQ here.

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