THC Global Group(ASX:THC)

  • Symbol:ASX:THC
  • Sector:Healthcare
  • Industry:Pharmaceutical
  • CEO:Ken Charteris
  • Founded:2016

THC Global Group (ASX:THC) Stock Price

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THC Global Group(ASX:THC) Company Overview

THC Global Group Limited (ASX:THC) is a medicinal cannabis company with a vertically-integrated business model built around the "farm to pharma" ideal.

The company is focused on the development and distribution of medicinal marijuana, but also has its' hand in a number of other cannabis-relayed enterprises. This includes large-scale greenhouse design, the construction of growing facilities, and the manufacture and delivery of hydroponics materials, equipment, and nutrients.

The company already has several growing sites situated around Australia—with one located northern NSW and the other in Queensland—along with an industry-leading biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility that churns out pharma-grade medicinal products for the international market.

After manufacturing, THC's products are then distributed globally via a series of commercial partnerships with companies located in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

The company has already been given permits by the Australian government for its' Queensland-based cultivation and R&D site—which is owned by THC's subsidiary, Canndeo—and a domestic manufacturing license allowing for product validation and study trial production was recently granted to the company, for their South Port extraction facility.

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