Liberty Health Sciences







Liberty Health Sciences is one of the first Canadian cannabis companies to focus exclusively on cultivation and distribution in the U.S. market. They launched their American expansion in the state of Florida and are very medicinally focussed.

  • Currently operating in the Florida Medicinal marijuana market
  • One of only 7 licensees
  • The ability to have up to 25 dispensaries
  • Seed-to-Sale certified with quality control that exceeds the industry standards
  • Very experienced and capable management team
  • Significant near-term growth opportunities and
  • A well-capitalised balance sheet with Cash in excess of $20m


  • Aphria support and expertise through Trademark License and Know-How License which encompasses both a proprietary Seed-to-Sale Certified quality assurance process and proprietary automation and processing methods
    • Update. Aphria has taken the decision to divest from LHS via a purchase and sale agreement on all available stock and an Option agreement on all escrowed stock
    • Reasons being the restrictions the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) have on listed companies being invested in the Federally illegal Marijuana Market
    • All shares are being bought back by the founders and other shareholders
    • Most of the stock is still in escrow and as an when it is released, the buyback price will be at an 18% discount to the VWAP
    • Should the CSE restrictions ease or lapse, then Aphria has the right to immediately terminate the Option Agreement
  • Industry leading Green House Operators through a combination of management experience and the Aphria IP that drives low cost, highly efficient production
  • Management team and Board of Directors with substantial skin-in-the-game via ownership of shares
  • Medicinal only focus. Want to educate the industry
    • The Doctors – through their Physician Outreach Program
    • The Patients – through their Education centres



    • Florida is a massive market for Medicinal marijuana

    • Population of just over 20 million
    • 33% of the population would qualify for Medicinal marijuana
  • Potential Client base of 6 million patients
    • Currently 64,000 patients registered as at January 2018-02-21
    • That’s a 300% increase from May 2017
    • This is where Liberty’s Education Centres (dispensaries) aim to educate their current and potential patients
  • Number of ordering physicians is now over 1000
    • This is where Liberty’s Physician Outreach Program aims to educate more doctors on product range
  • Number of licensees: 13
    • To put in perspective, Canada has approximately 600,000 patients per license
  • Florida would have approximately 1.6m patients per license
  • Total dispensaries state-wide: 16 (each licensee can operate up to 25 dispensaries)
  • By 2020, Florida is projected to have a MMJ market in excess of $1.6bn


Florida Growth Strategy

  • Expansion and growth will come through 3 key areas
    • Production Capacity
    • Dispensaries
    • Patient Count

Production Capacity Growth Plans

Dispensary Rollout

Patient Growth

Future Growth

  • Entry will be prioritised into states with
    • Large populations,
    • Multiple approved conditions and
    • No canopy restrictions
  • Will be through a combination of acquisition and greenfield


Alachua Facility

  • Total acreage: 36 acres
  • Greenhouse capacity: 14,000 square foot
  • Current production capacity: 800kg per annum
  • Number of dispensaries opened: 1

management team

George Scorsis – CEO & Director

  • 20+ Years in CPG working with regulated products
  • Former President of Mettrum Health Corp building it to a $430M business prior to its acquisition by Canopy Growth Corp
  • Former President of Red Bull Canada and instrumental in restructuring the organisation from a geographical and operational perspective to grow it to a $150M business
  • Former Executive Leader at Bacardi Canada and was fundamental in new product development and launch

Rene Gulliver – CFO

  • 30+ years of senior financial management experience with public company CFO experience
  • Capital markets experience, raising in excess of $500 million over the years
  • Extensive international M&A experience dealing with acquisitions, divestitures and financings
  • History of collaborative coaching & leadership style fostering high performing teams focusing on operational excellence
  • CPA,CA certified