Burleigh Heads Cannabis

  • Sector:Healthcare
  • Industry:Pharmaceutical
  • CEO:Jonathan Pilon
  • Founded:2016

Burleigh Heads Cannabis Company Overview

Since 2016, Burleigh heads Cannabis has been a pharmaceutical Cannabis company that operates out of Queensland as one of Australia's leading medical Cannabis suppliers. The company orientates itself around a 'patient-first' philosophy, with the intention of providing accessible and reliable medical care with a vast variety of Cannabis based products.

BHC functions as a subsidiary to the CDA Health Group, which has been cemented as a leader in the Australian Cannabis industry since 2018. CDA aims to create a universal standard in the Australian Cannabis market that provides individuals including Doctors and Patients with the information and resources necessary to achieve patient outcomes. This is accomplished by allocating associated industry issues to their corresponding company, including 'CDA Clinics' which acts as a first point of contact for Patients and Doctors.

CDA and its subsidiaries including Burleigh heads Cannabis receive their funding primarily through crowdfunding, in which they reported to have raised over $1 Million USD.

BHC aims to integrate the experiences of individuals involved in the Medical Cannabis industry by acting as a mid-point where Suppliers, Doctors, Patients and Pharmaceutical experts can convene to establish the requirements that will best achieve the 'patient-first' benchmark that BHC has set.

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