Coca-Cola Billionaire Pushes Cannabis Brand Swissx as Major Football Sponsor

Eccentric entrepreneur Alki David is negotiating a deal which would see Swissx become a major sponsor of Everton FC.

Greek billionaire and Coca-Cola bottling heir Alki David made headlines again this month after announcing that his cannabis company, Swissx, is negotiating a deal with the Premier League team Everton F.C. that would see his brand become the football club's main kit sponsor.

The announcement comes just days after Alki revealed that he had also entered into talks with FC Barcelona about the possibility of acquiring naming rights for Camp Nou, the team's home stadium in Spain.

They're [FC Barcelona] just being d*cks. My door is open. The bottom line is they are being really precious about this being a cannabis brand, but they've got to realise that UFC embraces cannabis, and other major sporting leagues accept cannabis. My brand is not a f*cking marijuana brand, it's a wellness CBD brand based on health, not based on recreation.Swissx Founder, Alki David

However, comments from Alki suggest that the deal with Barcelona has stalled and will not be resumed in the foreseeable future, which may have prompted his pivot to Everton.

"I'm not walking away from Barca, I'm keeping the door wide open. But we are now engaged with Everton to take over their shirt. The front of their shirt," David said.

"They contacted me and have already offered designs with the whole Swissx logo in blue, which I'm not crazy about, but it will look nice."

"When I first came to England, everybody was supporting Man Utd and Liverpool, and everybody was red. Being contrary, I liked blue and I liked the logo so randomly I selected Everton to support. So it's sort of a mystical come around."

Mike Tyson's cannabis company, The Ranch Companies, was also forced to wade in to the now-scuttled deal with FC Barcelona in April, after Alki David erroneously claimed that he was business partners with the former heavyweight champion of the world.

The CEO of The Ranch Companies, Rob Hickman, eventually issued a statement confirming that his company was not in business with Swissx, despite Alki David's bullish attitude.

"We know Alki David but we are not in business. That being said, we would definitely be interested in bidding for the potential deal with the stadium," Hickman said.

"I repeat, Mike and I and Tyson Ranch are not in business with Mr David."

The infamous businessman also recently announced plans to bring the Swissx brand to Australia and build a "weed oriented island resort".

Although the idea may seem outlandish, the eccentric entrepreneur already has a cavalcade of celebrity endorsements on his side, including Mike Tyson, Tommy Chong, Chief Keef, Scott Disick, Dave Navarro, Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg.

And according to David, his proposed "Swissx Island" will feature wellness experiences, while also giving visitors access to hallucinogenic substances.

"They're [Australians] as naive as all f**k and they are attractive for that," David said.

"I've looked at a quantity of private islands [around Australia]. It's [cannabis] recognised on YouTube as the spirit molecule. It is so profound – the improve to our notion of what actuality is that it's the most powerful drugs that we have. It is really the greatest technologies that we have."

"My intention is to provide plant-medication wellness to Australia as most effective as I can … Cannabinoids are section of the arsenal of medication that is revolutionising our species. I can show you 100 major, world-wide scientific trials that verify hashish kills most cancerous cells."

The UK cannabis market could be on the verge of a multi-billion-pound boom

While the majority of cannabis sold in the UK still comes from the black market, things are rapidly beginning to change.

In fact, a 2016 UN report found that the UK accounted for approximately 45% of global cannabis production, while also being responsible for 70% of the worldwide export market.

However, the UK industry is still in its infancy, which has left investors starved for British pot stocks to add to their portfolio.

And with Prohibition Partners predicting the industry could reach $3 billion in size by 2024, this is one investment opportunity you don't want to miss.

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