Coca-Cola Billionaire Has Plans for Australian Cannabis Empire and Weed Resort

Alki David is bringing his Swissx medicinal cannabis range down under, with the eventual goal of establishing a weed oriented island resort.

The infamous Greek billionaire and heir to the Coca Cola bottling fortune, Alki David, has announced that he plans to bring the Swissx medicinal cannabis brand to Australia.

His company is already in the process of acquiring the necessary import licenses to distribute his range of cannabis products into the Australian market, which includes distinctively named strains such as "Cherry Wine" and "Donald Trump".

However, this isn't the first time that David has made cannabis-related headlines. Last year he was arrested in St Kitts after landing on the island with 5,000 cannabis plants—worth an estimated $1.3 million—onboard his private jet.

The story became even more bizarre when it was revealed that David's friend, actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers—who starred in films such Bend It Like Beckham and Match Point—was also a passenger on the flight.  

They're [Australians] as naive as all f**k and they are attractive for that. Entrepreneur and Coca-Cola Bottling Heir, Alki David

David also used the Swissx announcement to reveal his plan to develop an island resort for cannabis enthusiasts who're looking to toke up.

"I've looked at a quantity of private islands [around Australia], David said.  

It's [cannabis] recognised on YouTube as the spirit molecule. It is so profound – the improve to our notion of what actuality is that it's the most powerful drugs that we have. It is really the greatest technologies that we have."

"My intention is to provide plant-medication wellness to Australia as most effective as I can … Cannabinoids are section of the arsenal of medication that is revolutionising our species. I can show you 100 major, world-wide scientific trials that verify hashish kills most cancerous cells."

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While the idea may seem farfetched, the colourful entrepreneur already has a slew of celebrity endorsements on his side, including Mike Tyson, Tommy Chong, Chief Keef, Scott Disick, Dave Navarro, Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg.

According to David his proposed "Swissx Island" will feature wellness experiences, while also potentially giving visitors access to hallucinogenic substances.

 "The drug laws all around the earth are definitely weird. How it is alright in some international locations to have magic mushrooms and peyote legalised and in other nations these are Class 1 narcotics?"

"In other international locations they are sacraments to churches and other people they are Course B narcotics. It is wholly a cross-cultural dynamic that is fascinating," he said.

Swissx is already in the process of shipping medicinal hemp products to Australia—which will contain approximately .001% THC—which David argues is for "the higher good" of society.

"Our products are legal even in advance of the Hashish Act and we ship right now to Australia," he said.

"There is a huge opportunity for hemp farming in Australia … these are tough plants that yield three or four times a year."

"Bringing that farming knowledge and the efficiency of the farming to Australia is something that, to tell you the truth I haven't fathomed the potential, because the opportunity is massive."

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All your support helps The Green Fund keep writing content for all you
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