Clinical Studies Reveal Medlab's CBD-based NanaBidial Can Be Safely Absorbed

Medlab has completed reviewing its second PK study of NanaBidial, a CBD formula intended to help patients suffering from CINV and seizures.

The Australian medical life sciences company, Medlab Clinical Limited (ASX:MDC) recently completed an independent review of its second pharmacokinetic study (PK) using full completed formulation, NanaBidial, which utilizes Medlab's proprietary delivery platform, NanoCelle.

The clinical studies revealed that the NanaBidial formula – comprised of a high dose of CBD and a low dose of THC – can be safely absorbed and metabolized by a healthy human cohort.

NanaBidial contains an 18:1 ratio of Cannabidiol (CBD) to delta-9-trethydrocannabinol (THC) in a sub-micron spray, and is designed to assist with seizures and cancer-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV). The CBD product utilizes NanoCelle technology for absorption into the human bloodstream, which creates nanoparticles that deliver nanoparticle-sized molecules for absorption across the oral buccal mucosa, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract.

The success of the trial cements the work that Medlab has been putting in, and positions the company in an enviable spot.

Dr Sean Hall, CEO of Medlab stated that "Medlab is in a unique and privileged position, as one of a global few who possess proof via clinical studies that the Medlab patented pharmaceutical-grade cannabis formulations are actually absorbed, what that absorption profile looks like, and how the product is utilised, metabolised and eliminated from the body over time."

Dr Hall further added, "[these studies are] essential to regulatory efforts in proving the products efficacy, and more-so to the medical community who require a detailed understanding of the body's utilisation of any given pharmaceutical product. We are bringing to an effective conclusion the debate as to how NanoCelle™ cannabis formulations work, how they are absorbed and how they are eliminated, and thus why NanoCelle™ cannabis formulations are a better option than other offerings. The benefit is the uniqueness that these profiles provide for each product, with the knowledge that they cannot be surrogated by other cannabis marketers.

"Medlab is, as so far as the global cannabis market is concerned, one of a very small handful of companies that holds such evidence for their products."

– Dr Sean Hall, CEO of Medlab

Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

The trial accompanies Medlab's PK data for their other cannabinoid-based formula, NanaBis, which has received TGA approval to be dispensed through the special access scheme.

NanaBis is being prescribed by doctors for chronic cancer pain, and several doctors have said to Medlab that the drug is successfully decreasing patients' reliance on opioids for pain management.

Medlab researches bacteria and develops innovative new biological medicines, such as medicines derived from bioavailable cannabinoids for the management of pain associated with cancer, HIV/AIDS, and chronic disease. This clinical evidence will prove very fruitful for the company in legitimizing their efforts and shining a further spotlight on their NanoCelle technology.

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Louis O'Neill

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